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$215 /month

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5 posts a week
+ 2 weekend repeats
All social platforms. One Price.

$150 /month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose OfficeHounds?

Our social media packages are so low cost and high quality, that it almost seems too good to be true. We’re the best kept secret of many successful agencies. We earn our resellers’ trust because of our quality designs, slick processes and superb customer support. We even create 2 sets of designs in every package to make sure our posts look great on every platform. We’ve yet to find any competitor offering as much value as we do at a price this low. We’ve been managing social media since 2009. We’ve worked with hundreds of customers from several countries and all sorts of sectors. Whoever we’re working with, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. 

Why Become a Social Media Reseller?

We make it simple for you to become a white label social media reseller. Unlike some other resellers, we don’t make you pay a fee or jump through a bunch of hoops to sell our social media packages to your customers. We respect your time and make it super easy for you to get started reselling our social media content. Our prices may seem “too good to be true.” You might wonder whether the quality of our social media content is any good. Our customers love our designs, and our process means we give your customers the chance to request changes. We work hard to make sure your customers are satisfied. For one flat rate, we even manage to create 2 sets of images to make sure they are sized correctly for each social media platform. Our social media packages offer outstanding value for money, making it easy for you to profit by reselling our content. We can offer you high quality, low price content because we have super slick processes. Creating social media content is all we do, and we’re good at it too!

What if my customer doesn't have all of the social media platforms?

Whatever social media accounts your customers have, we’ll post to all of them for one low price. 

How is your social media marketing pricing so cheap? Is the quality of the content good?

Social Media Marketing Pricing

We’ve been doing social media marketing since 2009. In the past, we used to also offer other marketing services, too, but now we only offer affordable social media marketing. We keep our costs low because we have a remote team and excellent processes. We’re a well oiled social media marketing machine that you can count on to produce quality content on time every time.

Still have doubts? We’re the real deal. Email our Co-Founder Maggie at maggie@officehounds.com with a link to your website to request a free sample post for your business. 


What is White Label Social Media?

A White Label product is one that can be sold by another company as their own. Just imagine that we were a factory making dog sweaters. If we offer our dog sweaters to a designer brand, they can add their branded label to our product and sell it as their own. It works the same with White Label services. Companies resell the services to customers as their own services. White Label Social Media packages can be resold at a higher price, allowing the reseller to profit without having to do the work. White Label Social Media and White Label Software are ways to grow your business profits by expanding your offering to customers. 

How do I get started reselling social media?

We make it easy for you to get started. We understand that you want to feel confident that you can provide a quote to your first customer, and trust that we can deliver. Whether you bring us your first customer or your 50th customer, we always follow the same process. 

All you have to do is give us the website address of the customer. We’ll give you instructions for you and your customer to connect their social media accounts into the social dashboard we use to schedule their content. That’s all you have to do. We’ll take care of the rest. 

What about COVID-19?

We are open for business. OfficeHounds is a family business Co-Founded by Maggie and Chris a husband and wife partnership who run the business with a super remote team…and a Bassador (part Basset Hound part Labrador) named Gordon. 

Our remote team are all in different locations, so we are able to run our social media marketing services without interruption during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Our processes ensure that if one of our remote team or even if the business Co-Founders were to fall ill, your quality social media content would continue to be produced and published with no interruption. 

How do you post to Google My Business?

Google My Business is your free business profile on Google. It’s the listing that pops up with the contact details and map of a business. You’ve probably also read Google reviews for businesses your considering buying from. You may have browsed through photos of food from a new restaurant you’re thinking of trying or zoomed into street view from the map to figure out how to get there. What you may not know is that Google also has a section that allows business owners to post updates. Think of them like Google My Business social media posts. They are designed to allow business owners an easy way to give announcements about closures (like for COVID-19) or special offers and events. The good news is that our social dashboard allows us to publish the social media content that we create for you right on your Google My Business page. We’ve had anecdotal evidence from some of our brick and mortar businesses that they have seen their ranking rise on the Google map listing because of our social media posting. Google certainly likes to see businesses making the most of all of the features they offer in Google My Business. It makes sense that Google would prefer to give a higher rank to businesses who have a complete and regularly updated Google My Business business profile.

It costs you no extra to post to a Google My Business profile, so we recommend this for all of our customers. All businesses should claim their Google My Business profile, even if they do not have a brick and mortar location. If your business is run from home, you do not have to publish your address online. You can also specify the areas that you sell to whether that’s a 10 mile radius, the whole of the United States or the whole world!

Click here to setup your free Google My Business profile

How do you we connect social media accounts?

We have our own social dashboard for you to connect your client’s social media accounts. If you prefer to not handle their logins, we can give instructions so you client can add their social media accounts to our dashboard. The branding on our dashboard is generic. This is the login link mysocialdashboard.com

I have worked with Maggie for over a year and can fully recommend OfficeHounds social media packages to other businesses.

Rebecca Oxenham

Team Coaching Studio

‘OfficeHounds have managed and implemented all of our social media campaigns to date, with superb effect. In a growing arena, they helped us secure business and improve brand awareness with regular and interesting posts on numerous platforms’.
Dan Elliott

Managing Director, Wilkins Vardy

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