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White Label Social Media

Become a reseller – Sell our social media marketing service as your own.

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Why SEO, website design and marketing agencies should consider white label social media

Customers are increasingly impatient. They want to see results…fast. As digital marketers, we know that lasting results come from consistent improvements over time. As you take the time you need to work your SEO magic, redesign their website or implement your recommended marketing strategy, with our white label social media service, we start publishing social media posts right away.  Your customers see for themselves their marketing is improving as branded image posts go out consistently on their social media accounts. Our white label social media service compliments your area of expertise without getting in the way. The best part is that as you update their website or add new content to improve SEO, we share those improvements on social media. 

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White Label Social Media = Increased profits with no extra work.

Upsell to your customers.

No fee. No contract. No hassle.

Sell at your own pace. We don’t charge you to join our reseller program or require a minimum number of active customers for you to keep your reseller status. 

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White Label Social Media – Earning Potential

Our first reseller earned in excess of $40,000 profit in one year. Your earning potential is unlimited. We are ready to grow with you.

Our packages start as low as $100 per month. All packages include scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest for one flat monthly rate. Many marketing agencies charge extra fees for scheduling to more than two social profiles. You can maximize profits by offering tiered packages or charge a flat monthly rate to publish to all of your customers’ profiles like we do. As a reseller, you set your prices. You choose the profit.

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Become a Social Media Reseller – Quality posts. Unbeatable price. 

Unlike competitors, we don’t skimp on quality. All of our posts have unique branded images. You and your customer can check the month’s content in advance and request changes. From working with many clients, we’ve learned that giving them the chance to request changes keeps them happy from the offset.

See prices & download our social media Reseller Pack.

OfficeHounds White Label Social Media – Communication your way

Some of our resellers prefer that we communicate with their customers direct. We always copy you into emails for complete transparency. Other resellers prefer that we don’t have any direct communication with their customers. We work effectively either way. The choice is yours.

Whatever your communication preferences, we strive to always answer every communication within 24 hours (office hours).

See prices & download our social media Reseller Pack.

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