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Your search for a social media agency is over.

Be seen on social media.

Be the Top Dog online in your industry and location.

Be the local business that wins new customers.

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Picture of a cute dog with this quote from Google, ""Research shows that almost 70% of users view businesses with complete listings as more reputable, approachable, and well-established."

Why work with a Social Media Agency? 

See social media marketing as an opportunity to make your local business Top Dog in your area.

Take it from Daisy – she went from Doggie death row in Texas when pregnant to Top Dog of OfficeHounds, living her best life with her puppy Oliver.

Social media marketing can rescue your business from online obscurity.

If you want your local business to be visible online, it all starts with your Google Business Profile.

Your business deserves to show up on Top of the Google map pack (you know, the map with the list of local businesses.)

If you aren’t there, you’re nowhere. You’re invisible. Your business is irrelevant to people searching for what you sell.

According to The Almighty Google, “Research shows that almost 70% of users view businesses with complete listings as more reputable, approachable and well-established.”

When Google tells us what to do, we should listen and take action.

There’s one Google Business feature that very few local businesses are using. Let’s show Google that your business is the “complete listing.

Let us fill you in on Google Business Profile’s most underused feature…hint Social Media Posts!

Booster Call Bonus – We’ll tell you the categories your top 3 competitors have on their GBP.  Add them to your profile if they fit your business! We’ll also send you easy-to-follow instructions to help you more completely fill out your profile.

“Businesses using four additional categories within their Google Business Profiles have the highest average map ranking of 5.9.” (2023 Research by Bright Local)

Why should you post weekly on social media?

Let’s see what the social giants have to say about social media marketing.

“Pages that post weekly have 6x more followers and grow 5x faster than pages that only post monthly.”

“New and frequent posts tell your audience that you’re active, legitimate and care about them as customers. Old or expired posts could imply your business isn’t active or investing the time to drive business value.”

Be the distraction. Not the distracted.

Creating social media marketing content doesn’t have to distract you or your employees anymore.

OfficeHounds writes, designs, and schedules your social media posts for your small business.

Every business knows they should be doing social media.

The trouble is that social media marketing takes precious time and creative energy to design branded images, write the captions, research the hashtags, and schedule the content.

It’s time to get social media off your plate. Book a call to get started with social media marketing.  

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“Just wanted to say thank you for the thoughtful, researched, and hard work to formulate such great posts. Keep up the good work.”


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What if I don't like the social media content?

We give you one round of unlimited changes. We won’t publish your content until you do like your content. When you share your preferences, we take it seriously, so we can get it right the next time, the first time.

Is it easy to cancel?

Yes! Just send an email to cancel. We ask that you cancel 15 days before your regular content start date. That’s because start working on your content 14 days before your content start date, and if we do the work, we want to be paid. We don’t tie you into the service. We care about being fair. 

Do you create video content?
  • If you record video content you want added to your social media content schedule, we’re happy to do that.
  • We can schedule videos to all platforms. We can even schedule your videos to TikTok for an additional fee.
  • Ask us about our add-on service to add branded captions to your videos. 
  • If you would like us to create video content for your social media content schedule. Let’s talk about what you need. We can provide you with a quote that’s tailored to what you want. 
What channels do you schedule to?

Facebook 🟪 Instagram 🟪 LinkedIn 🟪X 🟪Pinterest 🟪Google Business Profile

Scheduling to Google Business Profile can potentially make a big difference to your business. Our dashboard even gives you reports of how many calls and website clicks your Google Business Profile brings to your business. You may not have thought about producing social media content for your Google Business Profile, but it can be a great way of getting ahead of your competition. Google rewards businesses who make use of their features.

You can purchase Google Business social media on it’s own, or maximize your online visibility by having us create content for all of your social media accounts. 

We can also schedule to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest. 

We can also provide individual quotes for video content. If you have video content you want to us to share, we can share it to Google Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

Optional extras
Schedule your video content to TikTok
Video editing and creation
Add branded captions to your video content