Ok, so first of all, I’d like to just say that I’m not actually a mother. However, I have been a Virtual Assistant since 2009. I was inspired to write this blog after a lead mentioned to me that by hiring a Virtual Assistant, he felt like he was, ‘hiring his mother.’ (You can read my actual response to him below.)

5 ways hiring a Virtual Assistant is like having a Mother for your business

  1. We’ll remind and nag you until you do what’s good for you.
  2. We’re always on your side, supporting you.
  3. You can say things to us in confidence and show your weakness, knowing we’re there to help.
  4. We always seem to magically have just what you need. (A Virtual Assistant’s  knowledge of online tools is like a mother’s handbag. We can always pull the right tool out of the bag.)
  5. When you have a problem, we’re really good at making everything better.

1 important way your Virtual Assistant is different than a Mother for your business

No hugs. We’re virtual. Plus that would just be a bit weird.

Having a personal assistant is a bit like having an extra mother. I’ll nag you persistently until you do what’s best. Actually, I like to think of it like having a second brain. A good assistant frees up your memory to focus on driving your business forward instead of working exerting energy trying to keep on top of everything.

*The fee information below about fees is no longer accurate. We do not invoice in Euros. We only invoice in British Pounds and USA Dollars. You can see our hourly rates based on your chosen currency on our prices page.
My fees are 30 Euros per hour. If you need 10 hours per week, 40 hours per month, the cost would be 1200 EUR per month. You simply pre-pay for blocks of hours, and I let you know when you are running low and issue the next invoice.  If cashflow is ever tight, we can either reduce the amount of the next invoice or take a break. (I see from your Linkedin profile that you’re an expert negotiator. Phew. Good thing my hourly rate is non-negotiable. I wouldn’t have stood a chance against your experience.)

In consideration of your comment about managing the pennies, rather than paying for a whole month upfront, I recommend we start with a trial with an initial pre-payment 300 Euros for 10 hours.

Services our Virtual Assistant Business is able to deliver

all of the services detailed in your job description.
diary management
inbox management
task management
travel arrangements
online research
project management
website design and maintenance (Adobe Business Catalyst, WordPress, ecommerce sites, membership sites)
content marketing (blog copywriting)
email marketing system setup (project management, customer relationship management systems, marketing automation systems e.g. Mailchimp, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, 1shoppingcart)
Online Event Management (Webinars, teleseminars, Google Hangouts and digital conferences)- I helped organise the first ever Online Global Counter Child Trafficking Conference
Landing pages and lead capture followed up by drip feed email marketing campaigns
Social Media Marketing (advanced skills)
When your website is ready, I have a wonderful website analytics tool that allows you to track named companies visiting your website. You can see exactly what pages they visit and how long they stay on each page. I also have a Lead Conversion Specialist who developed the software and can review the data on a monthly basis and help you to identify how you can strengthen your website.
and more
As a Personal Assistant, I am resourceful by nature. If you need a service, I don’t provide, one of my team might be able to help, or I may be able to source someone to help via my network or by researching a shortlist of service providers for you.
In terms of project management, I use a super tool called Podio to manage my own business. If you are open to using it, this can become a great hub for all of your projects, tasks, travel arrangements and our communications. (It has a mobile app, too.) It’s not for everyone. I’ll always adapt to your preferences. I have one client who still uses a paper diary exclusively. It’s not as slick as scheduling appointments in a shared calendar, but with good communication anything is possible.
The most important question
Could you please tell me more about your new business?

Be well
Maggie Langley
HELPaholic Virtual Assistant and Top Dog
OfficeHounds – get the support you deserve with your marketing and admin

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