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We’re Small Business HELPaholics

  • We care about small businesses.
  • We don’t like seeing small businesses being charged big Corporate prices with little results.
  • We provide marketing and business support services for the little guys.

This is Our Story

OfficeHounds started out in England in 2009 as a Virtual Personal Assistant business. This was a time when Twitter was only 3 years old, YouTube 4 years old and Facebook 5 years old. The business started with a mission to provide much needed support to small business owners. We thought that executives of larger companies have Personal Assistants. Why shouldn’t small business owners also benefit by having a Personal Assistant in their corner? We initially started out providing administrative support to small businesses in the UK. We soon figured out that small business owners needed help making sense of online marketing without wasting their time or money. We continually devoted time learning about digital marketing and have evolved into a Virtual Digital Agency with services developed specifically to help small businesses. Our small business HELPaholics provide a wide range of marketing and admin services to help small businesses succeed, but without a doubt, our most popular service is our most affordable social media marketing package. Over the years, we saw there was a complete disconnect between marketing agency prices and what small businesses could afford. Small businesses just weren’t getting enough value to make it worth it to invest in social media marketing, but when they tried to do it themselves, their posting was inconsistent. Through our years of experience creating content for a variety of business types, we have gained efficiencies that allow us to provide a higher quality service at a lower price than any of our competitors.

Resourcefulness and Helpfulness is at the core of everything our HELPaholics do

Our founder’s resourceful beginning… If you don’t know much about Personal Assistants, you might mistakenly imagine the role being similar to that of a Secretary. The reality is that Personal / Executive Assistants work closely with top people in corporate organisations. They are trusted confidants who work hard to protect the time of the Executives they support. They prevent distractions to help Executives focus and get more done. Sometimes Executives need help, and it’s not appropriate to ask for help from others in the organisation. The Personal Assistant comes to the rescue and helps with all manner of tasks, confidentially and efficiently. Personal Assistants often take minutes at Board meetings, so they learn a thing or two about business. Working closely to support highly successful Executives develops resourcefulness in any pro-active Personal Assistant.

This business started with one woman providing Personal Assistant support virtually to small business owners, but it soon became apparent that all sorts of businesses are struggling to keep up-to-date with digital technology and online marketing. From the beginning OfficeHounds has helped businesses to, ‘Do Less Paperwork and Earn More Money.’ Our primary focus was always helping people to obliterate their to do lists and increase their online omnipresence. Now, we have grown in to a Virtual Digital Agency. We got tired of hearing our customers complain about spending too much money on marketing that doesn’t work. We now offer a range of marketing services at prices that are considerably cheaper than any other marketing agency. We can keep our prices low because we keep our overheads low by working virtually. All of our team members work from home, so we’re doing our bit for the environment, too by not adding to the amount of cars commuting to work every day!

Back to our story…we use our resourcefulness to pull together teams of top people to deliver for you. Whether you need your website to be redesigned, social media managed or admin tasks like data entry, we can provide you with the right talent to get the job done. The best part is that we’re completely flexible. You can turn our services on and off as you need them, and we can scale your team up or down depending on your requirements.

Maggie Langley

Maggie Langley

Small Business HELPaholic & Co-Founder

Chris Langley

Chris Langley

Small Business HELPaholic & Co-Founder

This is Maggie's Story
My name is Maggie, and I’m a HELPaholic. I love helping people. I used to help London teenagers as an English teacher. I used to help Directors as a Personal Assistant. Now, I help small businesses to get more done and increase their online omnipresence with the help of my hand-picked team of experienced HELPaholics. As a teacher turned business owner and self-proclaimed helpaholic, I’ve discovered I’m pretty darn good at teaching people to use tech using language they understand. I’m a bit of a LEARNaholic, too. My customers benefit from the extensive knowledge I’ve built up of all things relating to digital, productivity and business. The HELPaholic part of me gets a little obsessive about fitting the best solution, software, process or whatever is needed to get the job done. My crazy addiction to learning means that I’m familiar with tons of different types of software, marketing automation systems a.k.a email marketing, productivity tools, ecommerce solutions, web anlaytics….you get the picture. I really could go on listing things, but if you have a burning question, I’d rather you just give me a call. +44(0)7789682960

The trick to finding satisfaction in everything you do is to put your full positive energy into the task at hand and leave everything you touch better for coming in contact with you. That’s what I aim for in life and in business.
I hope you’ll treat yourself to the support you deserve from OfficeHounds’ Helpaholics. Maggie Langley Founder and Top Dog OfficeHounds
This is Chris' Story
My name is Chris, and I’m a HELPaholic. I love helping people. I used to help people in the criminal justice system and adults with learning disabilities. I used to be a social care manager. Now, I use my communication skills as the Social Media Manager for OfficeHounds. I’m also a big boxing fan. Click here to check out my boxing blog or connect with me on my personal Twitter account @clubberlangley

Chris Langley Social Media Manager OfficeHounds
The Hounds of OfficeHounds. We’re sad to say they’ve passed away. When Dave & Iris were here, they were often caught sleeping on the job, but they really were the best colleagues anyone could work with.

We’ve since adopted Gordon. He’s a Bassador (part Basset Hound, part Labrador). He loves wearing scarves, long walks and barking at his nemisis, the UPS driver.

Timely Support

We provide you the support you need when you need it. No contract. No commitment. We can increase or decrease the level of service to meet your changing needs.

Innovative Ideas

We don’t shy away from the tasks you find boring, but we also have the knowledge and skills to help your business in innovative ways. We love solving problems and making suggestions to improve the way we work together.

Cloud Technology

We use and recommend the best cloud technology to improve communication, productivity and efficiency.

Clear Communication

We do our best to keep up good communication with you. We believe in transperency. You can log into your client area anytime to check our timesheets.

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

Tell us about your business. OfficeHounds would love to help.

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