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Social Media Examiner®

About Social Media Examiner®

Social Media Examiner® started back in 2009. The exact same year that OfficeHounds was founded. When I started the business, it was my go-to resource to learn about social media marketing. It was full of actionable ideas to try, reviews of marketing tools and really felt like an ‘authority’ that could be trusted. At the time, I only read their articles. Podcasts weren’t so popular back then, but you can learn so much by listening to their podcasts and reading their articles.

About the Social Media Examiner® Podcast

The podcast is hosted by the founder, Michael Stelzner. He interviews Social Media experts and gets into the nitty-gritty of SMM.

Typical Social Media Examiner® Podcast Duration

45 minutes


The Science of Social Media a Podcast by Buffer

About Buffer

I’ve been ferociously reading articles  about social media marketing since I started OfficeHounds in 2009. Buffer is one of the early trusted sources that I relied on to educate myself about new social media tactics. Why? They were one of the few places that published their own research findings. Because they have people using their social dashboard to schedule posts, they are able to analyze data about what works. They have also hired great copywriters who do the research to write informative content. Their solid background in content creation, makes them a great marketing podcast to listen to.

About the The Science of Social Media Podcast

Unlike their long-articles, The Science of Social Media podcast breaks topics down with one topic per podcast. They get straight down to business which is great if you’re wanting to learn vs. being entertained when exercising on the stationary bike.

Typical Social Media Examiner® Podcast Duration

less than 15 minutes


Jaswon Swenk Podcast

About Jason Swenk

Helping Digital Agencies Scale Faster By Setting Up The Right Strategies & Systems.

About the Jason Swenk Podcast

Jason interviews agencies owners who have grown their agencies.

Typical Jason Swenk Podcast Duration

20 – 30 minutes

Episode: How To Recover from Rapid Agency Growth by Getting Hyper Focused

Marketing Podcast Date: August 10, 2022

What I found interesting about this marketing podcast: 

So, if you’re an owner of an agency with growing pains, there’s some good stuff in this podcast.


“If you’re giving away your worst sh*t. People are going to think it’s your best sh*t, and they’re going to think you’re an idiot. You might as well give away your best stuff because people are freaking lazy, and they’re going to want you to do it anyway.”
Jason Swenk

Love this quote. People are lazy! That’s why they need us to get things done for them.

It feels to good to hear what you know to be true. Don’t say yes to work that isn’t a good fit. I have to say that I felt pretty good hearing that his guest said, “you take on 5 new clients; you have to scramble.” We can handle that without scrambling, but in fairness, we’re not a full-service agency. We’re all about good processes, so we have fewer variables when we onboard new clients. That’s been by design. It was interesting hearing that Robert Giovanni, CEO of IronPlane, who started in business with e-commerce, said that lead gen for marketing agencies is harder than for other industries. Jason asked the chicken and egg question do you hire when you have too much work or hire and then find the clients? Robert had clients in long-term contracts, so he found it easier to hire after the work was secured. There was a warning from Jason that hiring before you have an easy way to bring on new clients can lead you to take on work that you shouldn’t.

Episode: Are You Just One Conversation Away from Massive Agency Success? 

Marketing Podcast Date: January 26, 2022

What I found interesting about this marketing podcast: 

Interview with Tom Schwab, Interview Valet. I loved the overall message that you’re one conversation away from changing everything. He also emphasized the importance of doing two things, sharing knowledge and connecting people. He gave a good example of how most people have one person, like a teacher or mentor, who helped to open their minds. Another good example of the power of connecting people to bring meaningful change for others was the idea of a friend introducing you to someone who becomes your spouse. Being that connector can have a significant impact on others and is an easy thing to do. He also talked about how podcasts can help you to reach more people, which is something we’re looking to explore at OfficeHounds!

Freebie – Download his ebook called “The bible of Podcast Guesting” by the #1 Marketing Podcast, “Podcast Guest Profits.”

Episode: How to Grow Your Agency by Fostering Connections

Marketing Podcast Date: November 23, 2020

What I found interesting about this marketing podcast:
In this podcast, Jason interviews a business owner who overcame addiction to start a successful marketing agency doing films for large brands. He and his business partner met in rehab, and they started by making marketing films for rehab centers. I think the lesson here is that selling to a market that is comfortable and familiar can help you to grow connections when you’re starting out.

Jason asked, “How do you make people open up on camera?
I like the reply. “What’s most important is that we’re having a conversation. This isn’t an interview.”

Episode: How an 8 Figure Agency Created a Successful Referral Program 

Listen on Google Podcast

Marketing Podcast Date: February 3, 2020

What I found interesting about this marketing podcast: 

Be prepared to feel risk averse when you listen to this podcast interview with Michael Mogill, Crisp Video. He talks about how he set up a referral program with a giveaway of a $70,000+ Tesla as a prize. The first month they launched the campaign they didn’t get a single referral. With nerves of steel, the company adapted and created a wildly successful referral program. Here were some things I learned from Michael about running a successful referral scheme.

  1. Have a person dedicated to your referral program to do things like write email templates to help people to do referrals and follow up with
  2. Make sure you have a large enough client base. We found that only 1 in 3 clients would participate.
  3. Investment for the grand prize + a big investment of time to manage the referral program.

It was also interesting to hear from another part of the discussion that their average client value grew from $21,000 up to $50,000. More than double! Nice!!

Episode: How to Brand Your Agency and Differentiate from the Competition

Marketing Podcast Date: January 29, 2020

What I found interesting about this marketing podcast: 

Interview with Scott Markman, Monogram Group. He started his business with Mac and an office space before the internet. From that humble beginning, his agency has been going strong for 30 years.

He said there are 6000 agencies claim that branding is their area of expertise, but to paraphrase most of them are only specialists in design, not branding.


Episode: Is Facebook Ads ROI Dying? How to Adapt and Generate Leads

Marketing Podcast Date: January 29, 2020

What I found interesting about this marketing podcast: 

In my opinion, they didn’t really get far into answering the question about Facebook Ads ROI. A general comparison was made to how Google Ads became more difficult to get ROI as the product matured and was more widely used, but there was no talk about the class action lawsuits against Facebook alleging they mislead advertisers with faulty metrics. This was a general discussion rather than a comparison with details showing if or how ROI has changed.

What I did learn from this video was a super tip for running a Facebook Live video.

Facebook Live Tip

Split your Facebook Live into 4 equal parts and at the end of each part repeat your call to action.

I also liked the idea of giving more than one call to action that requires different levels of commitment. My gut instinct is that choice would reduce conversions, but it would be interesting to split test it to see which works better.

example call to action from the marketing podcast
If you’d like to find out more information, don’t forget the first link in the description is going to take you to my book. If you’d like to find out more about [next product] click on that link. There’s a third link for you to click if you’re enjoying the Facebook live, and you want to sign up for our next Facebook live. Let me get back to…

Short video idea

1 minute video covering 3 bullet points & a call to action.


DUDE Podcast

About DUDE

Chris Martinez is the CEO and Co-Founder of DUDEAgency.io. He runs a digital agency with an interesting business model in Mexico.

About the DUDE Podcast

Chris is an enthusiastic and friendly person to chat with and that comes across in his podcasts. He asks great questions and interviews interesting Marketing founders for you to learn from.

Typical DUDE Podcast Duration

30 – 35 minutes


Duct Tape Marketing

About Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch has written 4 books and done a ton of interviews with thought leaders, experts, and authors, so he’s got plenty of experience asking good questions of his marketing guests on his podcast.

About the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Duct Tape Marketing focus on small business marketing.

Typical Duct Tape Marketing Duration

25 minutes

Episode: How a Simpler Website Can Improve User Experience

Marketing Podcast Date: September 2, 2020

What I found interesting about this marketing podcast: 

In this podcast, John interviews Michael Reynolds, President and CEO of Zephyr CMS. I like Michael’s overall message that simpler websites is better. He explains that his CMS system Zephyr is easier than WordPress to put together a website quickly. That’s a great way for agencies to increase profits. In addition to simplicity, he also talks about the importance with ADA compliance and website speed. Zephyr only licenses their CMS to agencies.


Verblio Podcast

About Verblio

“On-demand content creation to power digital marketing and SEO” to over 400 agencies!

About the Verblio podcast

Their podcast consists of short interviews full of insight with some interesting marketing folks.

Typical Verblio Podcast Duration

5 – 10 minutes


This Old Marketing Podcast

About The Content Marketing Institute

About This Old Marketing Podcast

Typical This Old Marketing Podcast Duration

60 minutes


🎙️Podcast recommendation for marketers.

My favorite quote by Chris Walker “If you change what your goal is or how you’re measuring the success of something, it changes the way you approach the problem or the task.”

This thinking reminds me of book, The Gap and the Gain. Be careful what you measure yourself against. Interesting concept – that many of us are measuring performance against results from tactics that worked over a decade ago.

🎧Listen to the full interview with Chip House and Chris Walker.

Podcast RV 104 – The Changing Landscape of B2B Go-to-Market Strategies | Closing Time Podcast




I plan to listen to the podcast(s) below. If you’d like your marketing podcast to be included in the Marketing Podcast Guide, email me at maggie@officehounds.com, or better still, send me an invite to connect on LinkedIn.

    • Oktopost Podcast
    • Episode SYSKA Our Changed New World with Megan Thudium
      Interesting Stuff – Don’t make B2B content stuffy. Know your audience. German’s like to learn about features. Americans like to learn about transformational journeys. Loved what she had to say about KPIs. So often social folks bamboozle clients with metrics that are meaningless. Her recommended KPIs are about conversion!

Info we plan to start adding by Q2 2021 (watch this space)- I’ll be reaching out to podcasts to ask what kind of guests they are looking for and how they can apply.


This content is being put together by the Co-Founder of OfficeHounds White Label Social Media. Since this content still being developed, we don’t want to leave you without the info you are searching for.

Please check out this article by Forbes, ‘8 Best Marketing Podcasts.”

  1. Call To Action (I haven’t listened to this podcast.)
  2. Social Media Marketing Podcast by Social Media Examiner Social Media Marketing Podcast  I have always really loved this one, and learned so much from their website.
  3.  Marketing Over Coffee (I haven’t listened to this podcast.)
  4.  Social Pros Podcast (I haven’t listened to this podcast.)
  5.  Success Made Simple: (I haven’t listened to this podcast.)
  6. HBR IdeaCast (I have listened to a couple of these a while back. I seem to remember the quality was good.)
  7.  Copyblogger FM (I haven’t listened to this podcast.)
  8. Perpetual Traffic (I haven’t listened to this podcast.)

What do you think is the best marketing podcast? I’d love for you to take part in our Recommended by Marketers Research.

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