<h1>5 Essentials of a Social Media Post</h1>

😍Watch the social media training that’s helped hundreds of small business owners + a social BONUS 🎁

Do you feel like your social media marketing isn’t good enough?
Let’s get rid of that nagging feeling that you’re not doing your marketing right.


  • Avoid the rookie mistakes that we see so many small businesses make.
  • This training was designed to help small business owners with less than 10,000 followers.
  • Stop wasting your time trying trends that barely make a difference for your size.
  • Get clear on what to focus on to build a solid foundation for your social media marketing.

I’ve been helping small businesses with social media marketing since 2009 (a year before Instagram was launched).

I was hired to write an online social media course for small business owners back in 2011 and did a deep dive into how social can work for us little guys. I’ve been learning ever since. I’ve co-organized a business TweetUp networking event. I’ve seen competitors get their accounts banned following “growth hacks.” I’ve seen the rise and fall of tools like Foursquare and Google+. I’ve seen trends come and go.

At OfficeHounds, we know our stuff.

That’s why marketing agencies hire us to create social media content that they resell to their customers.

That’s why we have customers in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

That’s why we have customers that stick with us for years.

That’s why we regularly give back by sharing this training at an economic development center.

Hundreds of small business owners have gone through our social media training with us online and in person. The information about copyright always raises some eyebrows and gets attendees raising their hands with questions.

That’s why we’re offering more than just video training. We’re giving you the chance to join our Social Gathering weekly events to get your questions answered for free.

We love helping small business underdogs grow to their full potential and become top dogs! You aren’t going to become a top dog in your industry if you waste your time on social media marketing. Social media was designed to be distracting. You need to be smart about how you approach your social media marketing. As a small business owner, how you spend your time matters.

We’re here to help you to get your social media content done better and faster.

It all starts with our free training video and your invitation to our weekly free Social Gathering support call.

Maggie Langley

CEO & Co-Founder, OfficeHounds

My social process has improved SO much…

It’s actually starting to feel easy!

Jane Pilger

Binge Breakthrough Podcast Host , Jane Pilger Coaching

5 essentials of your social media post
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