I asked some small business owners to describe their most time consuming non-chargeable business activity.

Top 10 non-chargeable tasks.

  1. Networking
  2. Social Media
  3. Reading Blogs
  4. Accounts
  5. Email / spam
  6. Administrative tasks
  7. Marketing
  8. Website SEO
  10. Organising Routes

One of the attendees I spoke with described her battle with non-chargeable tasks as feeling like Medusa, and she has to continually try to ‘manage all the beasts.’

I am sure we have all suffered the Medusa Effect before, that monstrous feeling that we need to be pressing on with chargeable work but instead our thoughts, time and energy are spent managing the beasts (non-chargeable work).

As business owners, we all feel like that occasionally. Sometimes, it’s because we are putting our creativity into a new project or some other type of business development activity that is making us all too aware that we have less time for our chargeable work and even less time for essential non-chargeable tasks. Those essential non-chargeable tasks are the first work to be neglected.

Let’s take a closer look at this list of time-consuming non-chargeable tasks. Networking was the number one most common time consuming non-chargeable task. It does take time out of your day, but are you making the most out of your networking? I know that I am guilty in the past of going to events and then only following up with a handful of people.

When you think about it, if networking is the most time consuming non-chargeable task, it seems sensible to ensure we all get the maximum return on investment by following up consistently after our networking events.

I hope you will join me in making a commitment to be more focused on how we follow up with people who give us their business cards at networking events and exhibitions.

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