Have you seen the new Canva Magic Write feature?

It’s part of their new Canva docs. It’s an AI writer. I ran a test with Canva Magic Write by asking 3 questions to see what the writing was like.

Each reply started with a similar-sounding opener, “There are many reasons…” At first, I thought, that really stinks that it there are no variables, but I have to admit I was pretty surprised by the rest of the text. They managed to list several different points that were relevant. The text didn’t have much substance, but it was also on topic and appropriate.

My initial thought is that this could be such a big time saver for small businesses looking to create their own social media content.  After my initial test of three different topics. I tried asking 3 different questions about the same topic. Each time, it produced a unique and appropriate answer.

My next thought is what about copyright. How did Canva train it’s AI. Did it scrape the internet? Shaky ground for copyright infringement? Maybe?

My gut-wrenching thought as someone who has previously taught creative writing is, where is the humanity in this writing? I guess it’s still there because the AI model is built on writing by people. So, I guess the only hope for creativity is that we get even better with our turn of phrase. That we craft a writing style that reflects a personality that simply can’t be replicated without feeding our specific writing into an ai model. I was reading that AI can successfully write poetry. I tested it, and even Canva was able to write a metaphor and simile. It was like the effort of a lazy teenager doing their homework after being yelled at by his parent, but a simile nonetheless.

I guess we better watch out because the ai and bots are going to take over! I think, initially, this could be good for small businesses, but will there be a backlash against bland substanceless content? Will digital marketing get saturated with so much content created by artificial intelligence that the only way to stand out is to create video content which is difficult and time-consuming for many small business owners?

I’m afraid we’re heading to a world where our ad budgets are competing against blog posts and social media posts written by AI, with the cost per click being raised by clicks from bots. A world where content is written by computers for computers. We’re entering into Terminator territory here, people!

That’s all for now. I’ll keep playing around with the Canva Magic Write, and you better believe that “I’ll be back” with more opinions.

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