It feels like by now, we all should be pros at sharing presentations in Zoom. Many of us have mastered the art of sharing a Powerpoint or Keynote presentation in Zoom, but what do you do when you designed your presentation in Canva?

If you tried this already and feel exasperated because you lost the visibility of your notes once you follow the onscreen instructions and present in full screen, you’ve come to the right place.

Step 1 – Get your Canva presentation in present mode

Open Canva and choose

  1. Present
  2. Presenter View
  3. Present button

Canva Presentation Zoom

Step 2 – Share your Canva Presentation in Zoom without tearing your hair out

Share your screen in zoom

1. Go to the Advanced tab

2. Choose Portion of Screen

3. Remember to click the share button

4. Adjust the green box to the presentation size, and you’ll be able to see your notes and move through the presentation without them seeing it.

5. You may need to click ‘notes’ to make them visible.

Now, you can see your notes without your zoom attendees seeing them. Another great benefit of presenting this way is that it’s so easy to move through the slides. We’ve all been doing a presentation and accidentally clicked twice and advanced the slides too fast. It’s so easy to get back to your place in the presentation. It’s also incredibly easy to move backwards if you want to revisit a slide to reinforce what you’re teaching.

Check out screenshots below to show you exactly how to become a Canva Zoom Presentation Master!

Zoom share canva presentation

Zoom how to share a portion of screen 1

How to do a Canva Presentation in Zoom

Not what you’re looking for? I’ve got one more Canva Zoom presenting trick up my sleeve.

How to share your Canva presentation in zoom using 2 screens

To present your Canva presentation using two screens, ensure that you have the Canva version with your notes at eye level with your camera and have the full-screen version on your second computer monitor. This is very important if you plan to have your camera on. Otherwise, you’ll be looking to the left or right, depending on where your second computer monitor is positioned.  Don’t do that. You’ll look silly. You want to read your notes and advance the presentation by looking straight at the camera. When you start sharing your screen in Zoom, you just need to choose the correct browser window to share. You don’t need to draw the green box that is described in the instructions above.