Cheap Social Media Services

Wondering whether you should trust cheap social media services?

We always recommend that small businesses think before they jump into paying for social media marketing. It’s important that you have realistic expectations about what organic social media marketing will do for your business. If you are expecting to get lots of sales from a cheap social media service, you’re going to be disappointed. If your small business is hanging on by a thread and in desperate need of sales, you should be putting all of your energy and budget into sales and lead generation activities. From a marketing perspective, you might want to try some pay-per-click ads. From a sales perspective, you may need to put in some sweat equity and have enough courage to contact strangers and sell to them.

Despite what you may believe about people “blowing it up” on social media, those viral success stories are not the norm. Most small business owners are struggling to keep their dream alive when they first start their businesses. Investing in cheap social media marketing is not going to make you an overnight success! If getting leads from social media was easy, every business would be hugely successful. Let’s take a look at a typical small business owner’s journey.

A bootstrapping small business approach to social media marketing

When you first start out in business, it’s worse than the usual cliche of small business owners wearing all of the hats, you feel like the mad hatter! Once you get past the initial euphoria of starting your business, you suddenly start to realize that you know so little about running a business. You may have rushed out to set up your Facebook business page and followed some of the recommendations that Meta emailed you when you first signed up. You told your closest friends and family about your Facebook page, but then you got busy! I mean, really, mad-hatter crazy, busy doing other things.

As you continue on your business growth journey, you realize that you need to get the word out about your business. You’re not getting sales, so you start researching online ideas to help you grow your business. You might occasionally feel motivated to come up with some ideas to share on your social media. By now, you’ve also created an Instagram account because Meta encouraged you to. You maybe even figured out how to get posts to automatically post on both platforms, but you really aren’t too sure what you’re doing.

Some of you might be rolling your eyes at this experience because you purchased a course that you saw on a Facebook ad to teach you how to kill it with your social media marketing. You either haven’t made it all the way through the course or now you think you know what to do but just never have the time to do it.

Maybe you’re the type of person who has researched what your competitors are doing online. You’ve also been following other marketers who give out free information to help you manage your own social media marketing. You set up a free Canva account and have made some designs that you’re pretty proud of, but between you and me, we know that you took a long time to create those posts. In fact, deciding on the designs, the captions, and the hashtags took you so long that you haven’t done any for a while. The most frustrating part was that when you did share those posts on your socials, nobody even liked them! It’s very discouraging.

When should you buy cheap social media marketing?

We always recommend that small business owners get some sales first. Get some customers and revenue coming into your business. You can spend some time on evenings and weekends trying to publish some social media posts yourself when you’re first starting out. Just make sure you understand that as a business, you need to understand the basics of copyright law. (The short rule to remember is that you should only share photos and text that you’ve created yourself. That means no memes, folks. )

The time to hire a cheap social media marketing agency is when you are trying to post on social media yourself but are finding it is distracting you from more important tasks.

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