Customer Reviews

We could tell you why our services will make you smile, but nobody says it better than our happy customers.
“I’d met Maggie a few times before doing work together, which gave me the opportunity to build up a feeling of trust. I had a particular challenge in that many clients had long outstanding invoices. Maggie took up that challenge with vigour and did a fantastic job of pulling in over 10K worth of invoices within a very short period of time – all achieved without alienating my clients. If you need someone to chase outstanding invoices and are prepared to pay what I consider to be a fair rate to get results, than Maggie is your woman!”
Andy Harris, Custwin

“Maggie is efficient, likable and entirely trustworthy. She has done a number of jobs for us including data input from business cards, audio transcriptions, and also some more specialised work in web marketing. the work is always thorough and completed on time, I can recommend Maggie highly for all your office admin work and more!”
Paul Bourdillon Director, IRUN Business Intelligence

“Every job Maggie has done for me has been completed accurately and to deadlines. Always surprised and very pleased at how neat and in order everything gets returned considering I send a plastic bag full of receipts. I have also sent Maggie confidential paperwork for scribing. I trust her absolutely to deliver and to understand what the job outcomes are. Rapid and efficient response to all correspondence. That is why I pay Maggie the hourly rate that she absolutely deserves. I have in the past selected people on price but ‘going cheaper’ has cost me dearly. When Maggie’s work is returned there’s nothing more I need to do to it, saving me loads of time and hassle.”
Lisa Arthur

“You have now reached the esteemed position of my highly recommended list.”
Alistair Wood AW Accounting, awaccs.co.uk Chartered Certified Accountants & Business Advisers

“I attended Maggie’s workshop yesterday not sure if I really was going to be able to understand the subjects, but I needed to learn about social media. I came out with a wonderfully buzzing mind, full of all the lovely ideas and information that Maggie imparted to us. Not only is Maggie a natural at teaching, she showed us in a way I could understand, and use, the information she gave. I feel I am ready to work more on my business, and that I will certainly reap the rewards!!! Thanks to Maggie I feel much more confident about “getting myself out there” 🙂

Thanks Maggie for a brilliant and informative workshop. When’s the next one?!”


Cheryl Turtlemoon

“Maggie’s training session on social media for businesses was worth every penny. I came away with a greater understanding of various methods available, the advantages / disadvantages of each, and knowledge of the legal ramifications. I was particularly impressed by the way Maggie remained cool and calm in a crisis (unavoidable technical issues) and was able to adapt the session to meet the diverse needs of the audience.  Highly recommended.”

Jan Mulligan, Greenleafe

“I run Dasuni, a professional IT consultancy that provides exceptional levels of service to companies that require IT support. OfficeHounds was recommended to me by a trusted contact. Maggie was mindful of my costs and was flexible enough to pause the project as required to fit around my busy schedule. She also gave me access to a shared workspace, so I could log in and review her notes when it was convenient for me.”
David Shattu, Dasuni

Billy Dean, SOS Computers

“I signed up for Maggie’s webinar at the weekend and I’m so glad I did! Email marketing is something I know a little bit about, but not enough to set up my own campaign and get the word out there for my own business. Maggie is a born teacher and the webinar was informative, useful and very practical. Stuff I can take away immediately and implement – thank you Maggie. I also know that if I get stuck, I can call on Maggie’s services to help me out. All in all, great value and I would have paid double for this information.”

Cathy Richardson


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