I love Twitter. It’s the best. I was super disappointed when I noticed that I had thousands of favorites on my profile.

Now, I know that lots of people tactically use Twitter favorites to try to gain more followers or wave their virtual hands in the faces of prospects they want to notice them. I wasn’t using favorites in this way for my business account @officehounds

Was my Twitter account hacked?

  • First, I checked my Direct Messages to make sure no messages were being sent that I didn’t write myself. Phew. All clear.
  • Second, I checked my Tweets to make sure only my social posts were being sent. Phew. All clear.
  • Third, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that my password was still working. Sometimes when people hack your account, they change your password. Phew. All clear.
  • Finally, I checked the list of Twitter apps connected to my account. hmmm lots of old apps I no longer use.

Why you should disconnect Twitter apps you don’t use

I started disconnecting the apps that I no longer use. Don’t get me wrong Twitter apps are super useful. They include things like social media dashboards. You may use Hootsuite. I use my own OfficeHounds dashboard. The same one, we offer to all of our social media marketing clients. (See details below.) These are fine. Don’t disconnect them. You need to schedule your marketing messages, so social media destroy your productivity.

If you’re like me, over the years, you’ve tested out various tools or used your Twitter account to login to other web pages. Twitter still considers this an ‘app’, and you have the power to revoke access to any third party apps that are connected to your Twitter account.

I disconnected several that I haven’t used for years. I’m not sure which one was causing the problem, but revoking access did the trick for me. To see your list of Twitter apps, click on your profile pic on the top right corner. (Log in on a computer.) Go to Settings. Click on ‘App’ from the left menu. Revoke any apps you don’t need or use. You can always add them again later.

Have you had favorites added to your profile that you didn’t add?

If you know what app caused the problem for your account, please leave a comment below. You’ll be helping others in the Twitterverse to know which apps to avoid.

(I guess I’ve been in England for two long. Writing that article was very difficult. Despite being American, I have adopted the British ways of spelling. ‘Favourite’ sure looks better to me than ‘favorite’. You could say it’s my ‘favourite spelling of the word. ba doom chick.)

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