There’s always rumours and talk of how much or how little Facebook include posts in the Timeline from Pages.

You may have seen a recent rumour posted on your Facebook Page.

IMPORTANT: Not seeing our posts in your news feed? Apparently since FaceBook wants page owners to pay to “promote” their pages, only 10% of subscribers are actually getting the news feed. To see our posts, subscribers need to hover over the “like” and then click “show in news feed”.


Facebook has a new policy whereby only a third of you will actually get to see our newly posted updates and pictures, even though you have liked us!

This message is not ‘important’ and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Below is Facebook’s current info about Pages and their audience ‘Reach’.

How is Reach defined for each of my Page posts?

Reach is the number of people who have seen your post. Figures are for the first 28 days after a post’s publication and include people viewing your post on both desktop and mobile. Your post counts as having reached someone when it is loaded and shown in news feed. Note that data from before July 2, 2012 only includes people viewing your post on desktop. 

To sort your Page’s posts by how many people have seen them, click Reach in the Page Posts section of your insights overview.

Unfortunately, this type of false message warning Facebook users can cause people who are new to Social Media Marketing to worry that their efforts will not be worthwhile. Remember, as long as you are building connections and interacting with people and companies who matter to your business, you really can’t go wrong. Social Media tools like Facebook are communication tools.

Facebook is unlikely to ever announce a policy that was so damaging to Facebook Page owners. They can’t afford to upset their only revenue stream!

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