Epson printer not printing?

After wasting more time that I’d care to admit trying to get my printer to work, I finally discovered a little trick that fixed my Epson printer problem. My Epson printer was printing stripes instead of black. All of the other colours printed perfectly, but anything I printed in black would look broken and incomplete. What was very strange about my Epson printing problem is that it would seem to leave blank patches is slightly different areas each time. Mysterious.

I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning nozzles, checking the alignment and cleaning the head. In the end, I did a little experiment which fixed my Epson printing problem for no apparent reason. I still don’t understand why this worked!

How to fix an Epson printer problem with an Epson printing stripes instead of black

Fix Epson Printer problem Step 1

Open a new Word document

Fix Epson Printer problem Step 2

Use the drawing tool to create a horizontal oval and make sure it is filled a solid black colour. Copy and paste 2 more ovals in different locations on your page. (This is not an exact science. You might like to try adding only one solid shape to save on ink usage. It might work just as well!)

Fix Epson Printer problem Step 3

Print your work of art

Fix Epson Printer problem Step 4

Now try printing a regular document.

Did it work? Have you fixed your Epson printing problem?

If you are lucky like me, that magic trick might just fix your Epson printing problem.

If this did not fix your problem or you found a different solution, please leave a comment below. Your comment might be the comment that stops someone else from tearing their hair out!