j0438865It pleases me to hear that an increasing numbers of business owners are dipping their toes in the Social Media waters.

Sadly, far too many businesses are sitting on the sidelines cynically thinking that those foolish business owners wading in are going to drown. Unfortunately, for the Social Media cynics, instead of watching their competitors drown, they’re more likely to watch them having fun splashing about in all that extra income earned from gaining new customers through Social Media Marketing.

I love to hear that Social Media ‘waders’ are having a go at Twitter or Facebook, however I think that any business owner with a bricks and mortar business should be setting up a Foursquare account. If you run a restaurant, pub, hairdressers, shop, any place where customers come in to your premises to buy something, don’t forget to sign up for Foursquare.

You may not even know it, but one of your customers may be the Mayor of your business. How did they become the Mayor without you knowing about it? Every time they entered your shop, they ‘checked in’ to your location using the Foursquare app on their Smartphone. If you had created a free Foursquare account, you could have easily rewarded your Mayor for his or her loyalty. Claiming your business on Foursquare means that iphone, Android or Blackberry users who didn’t event know your business existed could be led to your doorstep to checkin & get their hands in their pockets to pay for your Special!

If this all sounds a bit too high tech for you, outsource the Foursquare set up to your Social Media Virtual Assistant. People may be ‘checking in’ to your premises and leaving reviews about your business without you even knowing it.

If you run a bricks and mortar business, don’t forget about Foursquare.