How can we get more followers on a LinkedIn company page?

That’s a question that one of our social media customers recently asked…

Our reply to the question, ‘how can we get more followers on a LinkedIn Company page…

Trying to get more followers on a LinkedIn page is difficult. In fact, we never offer it as a service for our customers because the process of growing LinkedIn followers requires a more personal touch. The best way to increase page likes is to ask your personal LinkedIn connections to follow your page. A good habit is to send a reply to every new LinkedIn connection and ask them to follow your Company Page. If you have a team, ask them to regularly like and comment on your content, that will help your page content to be seen by their personal connections. (Please note if you schedule the same content to your page and personal profile, do not follow this step.) 

When thinking about LinkedIn Company pages, it’s helpful to consider your own behaviors on LinkedIn. How do you personally interact with LinkedIn company pages?  Most LinkedIn activities are about people connecting with other people. Sometimes when we connect with someone new, we might click on their company page to learn more about the company they work for. If we see interesting content or we’re interested in that particular company to find a job, add them as a supplier, sell something to them, monitor them as a competitor or learn from their industry expertise, we may click that follow button. Usually we need that compelling reason to follow. How many times have you checked out a LinkedIn company page without following that company. You may have read some of their content without following the page. That’s the nature of the behavioral beast we’re dealing with. 

The good news is that there is still value in sharing content on your company page, even if you don’t have a lot of followers. Having your company page updated is beneficial when people check out your page after an interaction with someone who works for the company. If you do get people to follow your page, they are more likely to see your posts in their timeline.

If you have an email list, you can send 2 emails a year asking people to follow your LinkedIn company page. Another way to give your content a boost on LinkedIn is to attach a personal LinkedIn profile to our social media dashboard. This won’t help you get more followers or engagement on your page, but it will get more exposure for your content. When we schedule content to both your LinkedIn company page and personal profile, you’ll stay top of mind with your connections when we appear in their LinkedIn timeline. 

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