Did you know that Google Analytics might be counting your visits in the totals?

If you have an IT Department, that won’t be the case. If you are like many small businesses in the UK, you might use BT Business Broadband. They charge you an extra £5 to have a static IP address. I’m not a technical person, so I’ll explain this in the way I understand it.

The Technical Stuff (Skip Ahead if you just want the solution)

An IP address identifies a device that is connected to your internet, so if you have your mobile phone, laptop and desktop computer all connected to wifi, each one will have a different IP address. Most basic broadband packages use dynamic IP addresses, that means that every time you turn off your computer and turn it back on again, you might have a different IP address.

Google Analytics – Problem with Dynamic IP Addresses

Google Analytics has a problem with dynamic IP addresses. It can’t exclude them, because they change. That makes it difficult for you to exclude your own visits to your website from the website statistics.

The Solution – Google Analytics Exclude Yourself

To exclude your own visits to your website simply add an extension to your browser.

After you have downloaded the extension, in Google Chrome, click Tools > Extensions

Click Options next to  ‘Block Yourself from Analytics’

In the box at the bottom, add the websites you manage.

Do not type www.yourwebsite.com or yourwebsite.com.

Instead type *yourwebsite.com to ensure both variations are excluded.


When you are visiting one of the websites you have excluded, you should see an icon with a red symbol next to the browser bar.


What are you waiting for? Download the extension for accurate Google Analytics


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