For those Social Media lovers out there, there’s good news. If you have been consistently having conversations about what you love and building up a large network of people who listen to you and engage with you, suddenly you could become valuable to marketers.

Check out this video to see how marketers are using Klout to use influencial Social Media Tweeps to reach highly targeted audiences. Now be patient. There’s an advert first. . .this is about Marketing after all. The video is worth the wait.

What’s Klout all about?

Klout  helps Social Media users measure their influence. Klout track and measure the ups and downs of your social score on a few categories.

  • score analysis – “The Klout Score measures influence on a scale of 1 to 100.”
  • true reach – “True Reach is the number of people you influence.”
  • amplification – “Amplification indicates how much you influence people.”
  • network impace – “Network Impact measures the influence of your network.” (Descriptions from

Recently, I’ve been neglecting my own Social Media accounts, because I’ve been tucked in the marketing lab adding the finishing touches to an Online Social Media Marketing Course.

Logging into Klout today, I see that my Klout score has dropped significantly. For many people the Klout score is a fun tool to get a feel over time for when Social Media activities are getting better or worse. I’ve been quite on Social Media, and my Klout score reflects that.

It’s really interesting the way Klout have used their metrics for scoring Social Media users to allow marketers to reach key social influencers. I’m sure other companies will follow their lead on connecting marketers with key social influencers.

Other Social Media Tools

Klout isn’t only one of many Social Media Tools that will help you to measure the impact of your Social Media Marketing efforts.

Your Social Media Virtual Assistant Recommends:

For FunEmpire Avenue – If you like Klout, you’ll love Empire Avenue.

It’s a ‘Social Stock Market’ where you can ‘Grow your social capital. Connect up all of your Social Media accounts including your blog, and get rewarded with the Empire Avenue currency called Eaves.

Klout gives you an overview of your activity. Empire Avenue records all of your activity and rewards you with Eaves which you can use to buy stock in other key social influencers.

Here’s a silly video explaining the general concept.

For MeasuringTwenty Feet Great if you’re serious about measuring your Social Media activity. It’s the best tool I’ve come across for measuring the impact of your Social Media Marketing efforts.

Started posting a daily blog? Compare which topics get more @mentions or retweets. Measure. Measure. Measure.

This Twenty Feet video isn’t the most dynamic, but if you want to start measuring your Social Media efforts, watch it and sign up.