Hot Takes from a Top Social Media Agency

  • Using 30 hashtags on Instagram won’t work to help your organic reach. Stick to 3-5 hashtags per post.
  • Don’t waste your time researching algorithm changes. Instead, focus on creating content that helps your ideal customer. Algorithms change, but useful information never goes out of style.
  • Don’t envy or compare yourself with others’ follower counts or engagement rates. Sadly, a lot of those big numbers got started by buying followers or wasting money on ineffective ads to get that social proof. Things aren’t always what they seem in the social media world. Stay focused on creating content that’s of value to your ideal customers. That’s what matters.

Hot Takes Definition

Have you come across people giving their “Hot Take” on a social media post or YouTube video and wondered what they are talking about? A Hot Take is just their commentary on a topic. A hot take is someone’s opinion or insight. Another popular phrase that has a very similar meaning that you’ll see in social media posts and video content is POV for Point of View.