Update – Google Places is now called Google My Business (2016)

I bumped into a customer I created a website for last year. She was being hassled with spam emails about SEO and asked me to have a look to see that her site was ranking ok.

Let me tell a bit of a story about this customer. She liked her old website and even thought the company was nice, but every time she wanted to make a change to her website she was charged. She is pretty good with computers, but did not know enough to update the website herself. She asked me if I could help.

I created a website for her and recorded video tutorials that showed her how to add new content, including YouTube videos and photos easily. I set up a blog for her and helped her to understand why it’s worth the effort.

When I set up her website, I also set her up a Google Places page. Because of the Google Places page, she is ranked on the first page of Google for the keyword phrase we wanted!

When I set up the site, I did some keyword research to see what phrases were searched for the most, and I optimised the site and her Google Places listing for those.

The Google Places listing is so important, and it’s free to set up. You should set one up for your business if you want mobile users to be able to click a button to dial your business number.

Google Places listings are the alphabetical listings that correspond to a map when you do a search for a bricks and mortar business. Mobile users will see your company name, address followed by a ‘call’, ‘directions’ and ‘website’ buttons. These buttons make it so easy for customers looking for your services to call you with one tap on their mobile.

If you don’t have a Google Places listing set one up today. It’s free if you do it yourself! Be sure to set up a Google+ page for your business, too.

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