This blog will show you how you can handle sharing a series of blogs on Twitter.

What you need to know about sharing a blog series on Twitter

Dickens had it easy. People would anxiously await the next instalment of his writing. In the impatient age of Social Media, people will remember you if your content is self-contained and easily digestible. Not many people will read your tweets in sequential order. Forget sharing a series on social media, even if they liked what you wrote the first time, they’ll never remember to read the rest of the series in order unless they explore them all on your blog after getting hooked in by one of the blog posts.

Where to focus your attention

The focus becomes improving the ease of access of the series of blog posts on your website instead of how you share the series on Twitter. If you have a series of tweets, your objective is to get them to click the link. Looking at your content, each blog post is about one topic that stands alone apart from the intro and ending where you link it to previous posts. If somebody found the blog post interesting enough, they might be curious enough to read some of the others in the series. It doesn’t matter what number of the series they entered the site on. If the content is interesting enough, reading more on your blog will be the desired outcome. Remember now more than ever with mobile devices, people skim read blog posts. They aren’t necessarily hanging on your every word. They might not even notice in paragraph 2 you referenced a concept in blog post 3 in the series. Even if they did, that only fuels their curiosity to read more and stay on your website longer. Woo-hoo. If they like the series enough, they may also sign up to receive your newsletter. Double Woo-hoo.

On Twitter, the series can’t exist. You’re a bit like a salesman who books the appointment not telling the customer that they need 2 hours to demo the product. The ‘customer’ (reader) either buys your message (wants to read the whole series) or they don’t. But you have to get the ‘ sales appointment’ (click through to the blog) to even be in with a chance.

Make your blog series easy to explore

Once you’ve hooked them with the tweet, the important thing is to make it visually simple for them to explore the entire blog series. The easiest way to do that is by using the Listly plugin from WordPress. You don’t need WordPress to embed a Listly list in your website. You can simply create the list on Listly and embed the code on your website. (The plugin is just a bit more slick for those of you find it easy to use WordPress plugins.)

The best part is that by using Listly, you make it simple for others to link and credit your website. I wrote this blog post, because one of my customers had a series of blog posts she wanted to share on Twitter. She didn’t think it made sense to share individual blog posts in a series on Twitter. I wanted a way to make it more clear that if they landed on blog post number 5 in the series they would easily understand there was more to read. I started searching for a solution. Because of Listly lists, I am easily able to credit the original author who gave me the solution I needed both for myself and my client. You can see the solution I discovered by doing a google search below.

The next time you publish a series of blog posts. Use Listly. You never know who you might inspire.

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