Interruptions are the enemy of productivity. Email is our to do list’s most persistent rival, however this is followed closely by our telephones and mobile phones.

Are you disciplined enough to not answer the phone when you are focussed on a task? Do you stop what you’re doing, every time your phone rings?

True, your phone calls are important. A new lead might be interested in buying your product or service. People don’t like leaving voice mail messages, especially when they’re still at the fact finding phase of the buying process.

The solution is to use a telephone answering service. When you’re concentrating on important work, your calls will be diverted to your call answering service. No more interruptions from sales calls or contacts who do not respect your time.

Never lose a lead to voice mail. Respect your time by returning phone calls during set times during the day. All of the messages will be emailed to you, so no more scrabbling around to find a phone number on a bit of paper.

Get more done with a telephone answering service.