OfficeHounds Virtual Assistant Services offer super supportive and creative solutions to some of the less glamorous aspects of business.

I can offer local geographic phone numbers, 0800, 0845 numbers that can be accessed via VOIP, directed to a landline or the number can forwarded to a mobile. (This can be fully integrated with a great CRM system we recommend so calls can be recorded and saved to customer records if required.)

We are experienced Virtual Personal Assistants who can be trained to respond to sales enquiries or book appointments from the call received.

We provide a full range of outsourced administrative and marketing tasks. Plus, we have loads of experience of good old fashioned Personal Assistant work. Personal Assistants are the gatekeepers keeping out distractions and using judgement to let through the important unexpected tasks that need your attention.

Experienced delegators will initially hand over mundane time consuming tasks for us to complete with responsibility growing as we learn more about the business.Less experienced business owners and teams benefit from our experience of implementing administrative processes and procedures.

If we see a business getting overwhelmed, we can often help with time management, project management, recommending collaborative tools and systems.

An experienced assistant adapts and provides the exact level of support required. I hope you’ll consider working with a Virtual Assistant. I know we’ll be a great help to your business.

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