Instagram Link Post?

This article is going to demystify the Instagram link post. Whether you are an Instagram user frustrated that you can’t click links or are a content creator wanting to share links to your website or YouTube channel, read on for all you need to know.

Are you wondering whether you should include a link to your website in your Instagram post? You may have seen that lots of Instagram Influencers prefer to say, “link in bio.” This is a widely accepted social media marketing strategy, but is it the most effective?

People do this because Instagram doesn’t let you click links in posts on their mobile app. Read on for our recommended workaround.

Does Instagram allow links?

You may have noticed that when you use the Insta mobile app that if someone has shared a link in an Instagram post, you can’t click the link. You can’t even copy and paste the link. It’s frustrating, but it’s not a problem with your phone. Instagram designed their app to restrict the ability to copy and paste links into the browser because they want to keep you using their app instead of you getting distracted with other websites. The good news is that you can copy and paste links on your laptop!

There is one Instagram link that you can open in the app. Instagram allows every user to add a link in the profile description.

Instagram Link – How to Copy

When you are browsing Instagram on your phone and see a post with a link you want to visit, follow this process.

Save the post by clicking the bookmark. You can even organize your bookmarks into collections! 

If you liked the post enough to save it, be sure to favorite it by clicking the heart, too. Keep in mind that if you favorite the post, the Instagram user who created the content will be notified. Everyone will be able to see that you favorited the post.

If you don’t want a public record that you are interested in a post, save it instead.

When you are next on your computer, login to Instagram and view your favorites. You’ll now be able to copy and paste the link into your browser.

Finding saved instagram posts on desktop

Instagram Link in bio means a wasted opportunity

You may notice that Instagram users refer to the profile as a “bio” short for “biography.” If you are a regular user, you’ll know that Insta only allows you to add one URL to your bio. You can choose to link to the home page of your website.

You may also have seen that people often use tools to showcase a list of links. An example of a popular tool for listing multiple links is Linktree. The good thing about Linktree and other similar tools is that the links are displayed as buttons that are easy to click on cell phones. The bad thing about Linktree is that I’ve seen that people get carried away with the number of links. They link to their home page, their freebies, their YouTube channel, their 3 most recent blog posts, their flagship product.

Too many options will harm your conversion rate. Not convinced? Watch Barry Schwartz’s TED talk The Paradox of Choice.

When you want to direct people on Instagram to a specific blog or page on your website, linking to your home page on your bio is unhelpful and frustrating. If you managed to create curiosity to learn more, you want that person to get right to what they are interested in.

You could have your most recent blog posts listed on your bio, but if you make people work too hard to find the right link, some people will just go back to scrolling Instagram. Also, if someone is looking at an older post, the link won’t be in the bio anymore. If they can’t find the link in bio, you’ve lost them!

Here’s why we think adding an Instagram link post is a good idea

Some marketers strongly believe that it’s best not to share links on Instagram. That’s why a lot of people say, ‘link in bio’, but if you’re sharing a specific blog or course, that’s not very helpful.
The strategy I recommend is to share links because Insta users can use the save (bookmark icon) to save the post on their phone + when they are next on their laptop, they’ll have the post saved and can copy and paste the link into their browser.
It’s my preferred strategy to get the most out of sharing on Insta.

Please note that if you would like more information about why we recommend that all of our social media clients include links on Instagram, contact maggie@officehounds.com.

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Instagram told CNET in an emailed statement.
“We know that many people access Instagram from their computer. “

In fact, Instagram was the 19th most searched for term on Google in the USA in December 2022. Why does that matter? It’s proof that a large number of people are searching for Instagram. In fact, according to ahrefs, 26,000,000 people searched for Instagram on Google in the month of December. Many of these people may have the app on their phones, but they are also choosing to search Google to bring up the website. Some of those 26,000,000 may search for Instagram using their phone’s browser, but Instagram will push them to download the app if they sense you are on your phone. What I read from this data is that a large number of people are logging into their Instagram accounts on their desktop computers. Imagine the student searching Insta as a way of procrastinating before writing that paper or an office worker sitting at their desk taking a break. 

You don’t have to include the link on every Instagram post, but if you’re referencing your freebie, a specific blog or podcast, we recommend making it easy for your Instagram connections to find it. 

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