Article published in 2014. I have not tested Instant Teleseminar more recently. This article was written way before ‘Zoom fatigue’ was a thing.

Instant Teleseminar is an online product for running webinars, online conferences, telesummits, teleconferences; whatever name you prefer, Instant Teleseminar gets the job done for most people.

I have provided Instant Teleseminar live event support to clients. Read my review below.

Review of Instant Teleseminar

You can see from the pricing below that their cheapest package at $47 per month allows you to run an unlimited number of events with 100 web participants and 20 joining by phone. These days, there is usually a smaller percentage of people who choose to dial in, so you could easily get away with simply sharing the webcast link instead of allowing folk to join by phone. If you plan to hold big events, Instant Teleseminar allows up to 3000 web participants, which is pretty cool considering that GoToWebinar has a cap of 1000 web participants.

The handy thing is that they have a trial, so you can check it out for yourself. If you do decide that you want some additional support with your webinar, we can help you practice and learn your way around the backend. We can also be there for you live on the day to help.

[Disclaimer – That’s an affiliate link, so I earn a little commission if you give it a try.]

Things I don’t like about Instant Teleseminar

  • No live screencast / screensharing. If you plan to run audio-only events or work from a powerpoint presentation, Instant Teleseminar is fine. But if you want to do online live tutorials and share your screen in real time, this isn’t the product for you. Check out AnyMeeting instead.
  • It’s ugly. The templates where people view your webcast look dated. Actually, the whole design of their product could do with updating. It just feels a bit old and tired. (Read below. There’s a way around this!)
  • The standard media player for recordings is frustrating and horrible. Don’t use it. I have previously listened back to recordings using the standard instant teleseminar player, and it’s so unpleasant. Again, it’s ugly with three circles that rotate around when it plays and very basic controls; it doesn’t give a modern-up-to-date feel. But that’s not the worst part! For some reason, the player makes it almost impossible to move to a specific point in a recording. If I’m taking notes or discover that I want to listen to something again for whatever reason, I end up listening to half the recording again or waste time trying to get the recording to the right spot. (Read below. There’s a way around this!)
  • The navigation confused one of my customers. Now, I didn’t personally find the admin navigation confusing, but one of my clients found it difficult to remember where to find things on the admin dashboard. This made her nervous before the live event, so we needed to practice a bit to make sure she was comfortable.

Things I like about Instant Teleseminar

  • The Instant Teleseminar site may be ugly, but the good news is that they allow you to embed their player on your own website. I love this feature of Instant Teleseminar. It means that if you’re holding a free webinar, you can have a link to buy a product you are promoting right on the page. Even if you choose not to do that, being able to have the page on your domain with your branding is a major advantage.
  • It doesn’t matter too much about their yucky media player, because you can download the recordings and add them to your website using a media player that you choose.
  • Good file formats for recordings. MP3
    (I was a little surprised to learn that GoToWebinar has a yucky thing called a codec that made it hard for some PC users to watch videos recorded on a mac. I had to convert the files for one customer.)
  • I like that you can record a personal welcome.
  • You can add your own music to play when people are waiting. (The cheeky side of me wants to always enter to Elvis’ Hound Dog.’ It’s good to be able to express your personality.)
  • They have a live chat feature. You can also nominate a moderator to help manage the chat.
    (If you have a large audience, we can read and respond to chat messages. We like to use a secondary means of communication our metaphorical live event ‘red phone’ to send you messages. We find that Skype Instant Message works well. We only send you important messages for example if we can hear a distracting background noise or during a Q&A, we vet the questions for you to read and reply to.)
  • Pre-record calls and play them back when you want.

Please let me know what you think of Instant Telesemiinar. Good experiences? Bad experiences? What’s your favourite product?

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