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Klout to update algorithm, launch score insights tomorrow by Drew Olanoff

Interesting Social Media highlights

– Interview with Joe Fernandez, CEO of Klout
– Klout now has 40 Employees
– Over ‘50% of users dig deeper into Klout’ rather than just obtaining their score

My Social Media opinion

– Disappointing answer to Fernandez being asked why he chose ‘influence’ to describe Klout.

“Influence is such a lightning rod and could mean anything, and when I said it, people paid attention.” – Fernandez

This kind of fuzzy thinking could leave the door open for a competitor with a sharper vision. Klout have people paying attention, but now it’s time for them to influence users.

Social Media Take Away

– I think the most though provoking point is from the author’s concern that businesses using Klout to keep customers with large followings happy will then short change or ignore customers with lower Klout scores. High risk strategy as people’s Social Media usage and activity and influence can quickly rise and fall. Best to just keep that halo shining.

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Klout to update algorithm, launch score insights tomorrow