One really great thing you can do with Mailchimp is to utilize Mailchimp reports to identify warm leads. Mailchimp reports show how many times each person opens your email and who has clicked on your links. A word of warning, sometimes people may open an email a couple of times just because they aren’t very efficient in managing their emails.

Top Mailchimp Report Tip

If you see somebody opened your email several times or clicked a link in your email, give them a follow up call or send a follow up email to this group of people.

If you have a small list, consider people who open more than 2 times or click a link as warm leads and follow up. If you have a bigger list, increase the number of opens and clicks needed to consider them a warm lead that will get a follow up message. This simple idea is a start of a lead scoring system for your business. You make the rules. Play around with how you follow up and classify leads. You might consider anyone who opens an email 10 times a hot lead and decide that every hot lead gets a follow up phone call.

To access your reports:

  • Log into Mailchimp
  • Click on Reports
  • Click view reports for the email campaign you want to review
  • Scroll down until you see ‘Subscribers with the most opens’
  • You can also see who specifically clicked links in your email. click where you see the number of people who clicked. It will give you the number of people who clicked on each link in a list. Don’t click on the URL, or it will open the link. If you click on the number of clicks on the right, it will take you to a list of the exact users who clicked on a link.

This strategy works – I suggested it to one of my customers who was saving time by delegating the preparation and scheduling of his Mailchimp email campaign for a new startup.

“My [other] company does use it regularly and we do exactly what you describe. If we see someone keeps returning to the mail then we do call them up. It has led to quite a few sales.”