Hope you’re honouring your mother today on this special Mothering Sunday.

I ask you today to make an even greater effort to show gratitude to your mother. My husband sadly lost his mother to Breast Cancer. We honoured her by stopping by her resting place. My mother lives back in Iowa, so I don’t get to see her very often. She is a Breast Cancer survivor, as was my grandmother who has passed. Women like my husband’s mother, went through experimental cancer treatments that made it possible for my mother and grandmother to hear those most celebrated words, ‘All Clear.’ 

Whether your mother is enjoying a Sunday roast with your family or unable to spend it with you for whatever reason, we all do well to be especially grateful for our own lives today and the woman who made it all possible. 

Sunday Reading – from an inspiring Cancer Survivor

I feel lucky to have connected with Chris Lewis, a Cancer Survivor who has started a charity and a website to make life easier for those with cancer. Read Chris’ Story

He sent me a message yesterday with the link to his website. I personally felt really inspired by his most recent blog post and wanted to share it with you, but let me just give you the highlights to inspire you. 

Chris talks about his new found freedom. He’s “no longer chasing a career, and suffering the company of others, for politeness. I tell it as it is, and don’t do things because they will be good for my future!”

My take away – I don’t have to wait until tragedy strikes to be grateful for my life and value the time I have to pursue what will truly make me happy. 

Mostly, it is the simple things that you appreciate. The rest feels like garnish, on life’s plate.”  

My take away – I should be grateful for the small moments, conversations, laughs, sights, sounds and every thing I sense on a day to day basis. I should even work to be grateful for the circumstances that come along that I’d rather not experience, as it’s all part of life. For better or worse, we only have one shot at life, so it’s worth showing gratitude each and every morning. 

I hope that something in my email might inspire you to take action or read and learn something new. I love learning new stuff.

Tell me what you’re reading

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