Social Networking can help both small and large companies with collaboration. I love the sense of good will that buzzes around social networking sites.

Through Social Media, I’ve met some lovely people that have helped me learn, improve and even get more customers. In return, I get great satisfaction linking business people together or giving some advice in my area of expertise.

As an American living in the UK for about 10 years, I’d say that Americans do value good will and having sense of community which is why there’s so much Social Media fascination and innovation coming from the States, but I feel it’s really gaining momentum in the UK too.

Some of the UK news channels regularly read out Tweets from viewers. It’s not enough to just watch the news, we want to comment on it and hear what our community is saying. Social Media encourages participation and engagement with different types of communities all at once, all from our smart phones.

I am sure that Social Media will only continue to gain momentum in the UK. Businesses who do not recognise Social Media’s value or stay stuck in the old mindset of cut-throat competition instead of collaboration and collective responsibility will surely begin to lose customer loyalty.

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