If you’ve been running a small business in the UK, I’m sure that you’ve received a call from the Prysm Media Sales Group. They may have called you about events like The Business Show and other similar events in London listed toward the end of this article.

Prysm Media Group – Disappointing Marketing Approach for a Company who Profits so much from Small Businesses

The person I spoke with explained to me that their IT department can remove my number from their current mailing list. He said he would even send an email around to tell people not to call my business. That sounded promising until he tells me that as soon as someone new starts, they won’t get that message. He said individuals are responsible for sourcing their own leads to contact. He said that if my business ranks highly on Google (which it does), then a new recruit will find it and call. They have no system for preventing stopping businesses from being called. So we now know that this ‘Media Group’ scrapes the internet for phone numbers to call. I wish that I’d asked if they check those numbers across the Corporate Telephone Preference Service. (I am not a member because I am happy to hear from other businesses who may become a supplier or a business I collaborate with.) We talked about the possibility of me blocking the phone numbers. He said they currently have 10 phone numbers, but there’s no point blocking them. They are moving offices soon and have new phone numbers. At first he said that I may have previously registered for one of their events which is why I was on their list (maybe several years ago), but then he also explained later that their sales team are responsible for sourcing their own leads.

Here is a list of Prysm business events that you may have received a call about:

The Business Show

B2B Marketing Expo

The Business Show Stop Calling Me


If you’re not interested in these events and your business can be found on the internet, I’m afraid that there is NO ESCAPE from their sales calls.

P.S. I love business and am happy for all other businesses to thrive. I would be more than happy to take this blog post down as soon as this ‘Media Group’ improves their internal procedures to allow businesses to opt-out. Prysm Media Group, if you’re reading this, tell me how you have improved your marketing processes, and I’ll remove this article.


1 Aug 2018
Phone call from 01872218007 about the B2B Marketing Expo.

14 Dec 2017
Voicemail left from 01872218007 wanting me to exhibit at The Business Show.

11 Apr 2017
Unsolicited email sent by [email protected] promoting  The Business Show.

4 Apr 2017
Unsolicited email sent by [email protected] promoting  The Business Show.

8 Feb 2017
Received an unsolicited email from Eddy Lawrance, Event Director promoting a Sales Innovation Expo using an email address from an old domain indicating they must have bought an old list of emails. I was able to unsubscribe and report the email as unsolicited.

21 Oct 2016
Call from 01872 218007 by D. Morris regarding the B2B Marketing Expo.

12 Sep 2016
Missed call from 0117 929 6083. A quick search shows this was a number for exhibiting at The Business Show. My call answering service has instructions to not bother wasting our time taking messages from their sales team.

14 Jul 2016
Call from 01872 218007 by R. Treloar to promote B2B Marketing Expo.