Reward your blog readers for frequently visiting your website and sharing content. We’re test driving PunchTab on our website. PunchTab is a free tool that makes it easy for your website visitors to engage with your website.

PunchTab encourages Social engagement  with your blog in 3 ways:

  • Loyalty Program
  • Giveaway
  • Achievement Program

Users can easily signup to earn rewards with their Facebook signin or by email. Visitors to your blog earn points when they complete specific actions like sharing via Social Media or writing a blog comment. You can create a custom catalogue of rewards. In our case, we have set three types of rewards to thank regular visitors to our blog.

Social Media Loyalty Program

Visitors earn points with the Loyalty program by visiting the site every day. Extra points can be earned for sharing content via Social Media.

Social Media Giveaway

PunchTab makes it simple to run a giveaway. The more people socially share the competition, the more entries they’ll receive for the giveaway!

Social Media Achievement Program

The Achievement Program is a series of colourful badges that can be unlocked by sharing content via Social Media.  These can be accessed via the Badges link on the bottom left of the screen.

PunchTab allows you to thank and reward your fans for their continued support. It makes your website fun and interactive for visitors, and it can even help lower the bounce rate.

Join the Social Media Virtual Assistant reward programme today.

Check out our sister site – OfficeHounds Virtual Assistant Services for more rewards.


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