Business Outsourcing: What are the benefits?

Business outsourcing often times the phrase conjures up negative memories of being trapped on a call with someone in a foreign country reading from a script. It’s true that large corporations often outsource business processes abroad to reduce their overheads, sometimes this decision can actually damage the brand,  and most worryingly, frustrate customers. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because of a few bad phone calls you’ve had that business outsourcing is not right for your business.

Business Outsourcing Myth 1
Business Outsourcing is for Large Corporate Companies

The reality is that there’s a good chance that your business already engages in business outsourcing. Do you hire an accountant to manage your tax affairs or a solicitor to advise you on legal matters? If so, you are already using business outsourcing. Outsourcing is simply delegating tasks to an external company instead of paying an employee to do the work in house.

Business Outsourcing Myth 2
Business Outsourcing is Risky

In fact, often times the biggest risk to business owners failing is the failure to delegate effectively. If you try to do everything yourself, you will fail. Delegating frees up the business owner to focus on growing the business. Hiring employees brings risks, but outsourcing requires lower level of commitment. It can be difficult to get rid of an under-performing employee, it is far easier to stop working with a company who provides outsourced business services.