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Get more done with the support of a virtual assistant.

Every growing business deserves support

Every business has many operational tasks that can be seen as a chore but need to be tackled  for the business to thrive. There are all sorts of time consuming tasks that Directors should not do themselves, these include entering new contact details into a shared contact database (or CRM system), sending customer support emails, preparing meeting minutes, typing up audio or handwritten notes, researching and planning travel arrangement, liaising with people to schedule meetings.

Successful business owners  consider carefully how they spend their time, diligently delegating tasks that do not make the best use of their skills. If you find yourself regularly completing a time consuming task that isn’t highly skilled, it’s time to outsource it.

Case Study – Sales Meetings

A small business owner often travels abroad for sales meetings and secure new contracts for the company. He developed a simple sales meeting template to feedback the outcome of these meetings to his team, allowing them to take action and prepare more detailed quotes as needed. Typing up the notes was taking too much time, but it was too important to the business not to do. He started taking photos of his notes using the Evernote ipad app and sharing them with OfficeHounds. His Virtual Assistant was able to prepare the document for him. All he had to do was read through it and share it with his time. His Virtual Assistant also provides support by reminding him of all outstanding actions from old reports. Before working with OfficeHounds, due to all of the travelling, he found it difficult to keep track of which actions had been completed by his team and which ones he needed to finish. Now, with a simple system in place, it is much easier for him to make sure that his team are taking important actions to convert those leads.

How can Virtual Assistant Services help your business?

What is a Virtual Assistant?
Many small businesses have heard of Virtual Assistants or have encountered them when networking but are unsure how a Virtual Assistant can help. A Virtual Assistant is similar to a Personal Assistant. Professionals and Directors of large companies have Personal Assistants to help keep them organised and focussed. When going to visit a medical Consultant, you wouldn’t expect them to waste their time scheduling appointments. They have assistants to ensure the smooth running of their departments. Directors and Senior Managers in large Corporate organisations have Personal Assistants to support them and help them manage their workload. You may not be used to delegating to a Virtual Assistant, but our Virtual Assistants have worked as Personal Assistants in the Corporate world and have  the experience and professionalism required to support you.
As Virtual Assistants, we know how to support you and your business in ways that will surprise and delight you.

A Virtual Assistant’s role is to assist a person or business to get more work done.