What is a CRM?

Improve business processes with CRM and Marketing automation tools

What is a CRM?

Simply put. It’s a system to manage the relationship with your customers – a customer relationship management system. You probably already have some sort of system in place, but we recommend you use online tools to add a bit more structure, consistency and ease of accessing information to your system.

Go beyond CRM to Marketing Automation Systems

If you have more complex needs, we recommend Ontraport. You may have heard of a marketing automation system called Infusionsoft. We feel that Ontraport is a superior system with better functionality. It’s especially super for anyone with a WordPress website. If Ontraport is a little pricey for you, do give us a call. We always can recommend other options available to you at the right price.

Why does my business need a CRM?

Simply put, a CRM helps you manage and record communications with people you network with, potential customers, existing customers and past customers.CRM systems are designed to help you organise all of your customer contact details and information in one place. By keeping organised, it is easier to find relevant information and act on it. For example, say you bump into a business person who you met at an exhibition a year ago. With a CRM system, when you prepare to contact the potential lead, you can easily find your notes from the first time you met this person and personalise your communication. CRM also makes it easy to group contacts, so you can tailor marketing campaigns.
There is plenty of CRM systems to choose from. In fact, there are so many to choose from that you can easily get lost trying to decide which one to choose. We’ve set up some pretty cool CRM systems for clients on a tight budget using free tools. Using a Customer Relationship Management tool is about bringing a bit of process and organisation, so with the right mindset and knowledge of the best tools out there great organisation can be brought to your business.  Whatever tool you choose, it needs to be tailored to your needs, and it must feel like the right fit or you won’t use it. As assistants, we’ve used and seen all sorts of systems, from the cheap and cheerful to the expensive and complex to use. Talk to us about your needs, and we’ll make the best recommendation for you.

Don’t have a CRM?

This CRM allows you to:

  • easily store important emails & notes to customer records
  • collect all of your customer contact & sync with your smartphone
  • make notes and set tasks relating to your leads and customers
  • attach documents to the customer record and back up docs securely in the cloud (perfect for invoices and contracts)
  • Manage an electronic calendar
  • Manage your to do list and set email or SMS text reminders