Email newsletters can be very effective at driving traffic to your website and selling more to your contacts and customers.

We can manage your email marketing campaigns, subscriber lists or regular email newsletters for you.

Email Newsletters – How will this work?

We will talk to you about your what you hope to achieve with email marketing and help you to achieve it with a targeted email marketing campaign.

Many customers prefer to write the content themselves because they know what they want to promote and what will interest their customers. If you aren’t sure what you should write about, we can do all of the copywriting for you for an extra fee. You will be quoted a price based on your requirements.

Email Newsletters – How will you send the emails? 

We will set you up with an account with our preferred email marketing tool and give you the logins. If you already have an email marketing tool, we can use your tool instead. We are proficient with most email marketing tools. Either way, the emails will be sent from your email address to your contacts. Even if you stop working with us, the account we set-up for you is yours to keep. That’s only fair, as those your contacts’ email addresses!

Email Newsletters – What’s included?

We will design an ‘HTML template’ for you that is viewable on all browsers and mobile devices like ipads and smartphones which is where many people read their emails these days.

You will be able to access reports showing you useful information like how many people opened your emails and how many people and specifically which people clicked on specific links within those emails.


Email Marketing Starter Package – $100 (month 1 only)

– Email marketing tool setup including importing your email list

– Design of a branded email template

– Insertion of marketing copy into branded email template

– One branded marketing email sent to your list of email addresses

– Access to reports showing how many people opened the email, how many people clicked on links

– Unsubscribes from the email list are managed automatically


Email Marketing Individual Email – $70

Send a monthly newsletter, drive more traffic to your best blog posts or share an exclusive special offer.

– Insertion of your marketing copy into branded email template

– Branded marketing email sent to your list of email addresses

– Access to reports showing how many people opened the email, how many people clicked on links

– Unsubscribes from the email list are managed


Email Subscriber Package with automated Email Marketing Campaign – Starting from $150

Want to send an automatic welcome email with a coupon to new subscribers on your website? Or how about a happy birthday or work anniversary email to show your appreciation to your customers? Interested in sending a series of weekly marketing emails to go out automatically to new subscribers? Allow potential customers to subscribe to your email list, then automatically ‘drip feed’ your marketing message to them.

– Setup of email signup form on your website (or code for you to give your website designer)

– Setup of automated emails to your specification (e.g. welcome email & discount scheduled to automatically be sent on their birthday or a series of 10 emails to go out every Tuesday)

– Design of a branded email template

– 1 automatic message

– Additional messages are charged at $70 each

Just to clarify on pricing, the $150 price includes 1 automated email. If you wanted a drip campaign with 6 emails, the total cost would be $500. $150 for the setup & 1 email + 5 emails x $70 each.

Call 712-385-8652 for more information or to get started


Email Marketing – DIY
Learn how to do it yourself

Quick Start Guide to Email Marketing

1-2-1 Training Session

Maggie Langley will demonstrate and teach you how to set up your first email marketing campaign using a free online email marketing tool.

You will learn

– how to set up your free account

– how to set up your email list of recipients

– how to prepare your first email using the design templates

– how to send a test email

– how to see who has opened your email

Why choose to learn from OfficeHounds?

Your trainer will be Maggie Langley, founder of OfficeHounds Virtual Assistant Services. She is a qualified teacher in the UK with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) USA. 

If you have any questions about this training, please call (712) 385-8652

Maggie’s Mission – providing support that gets things done

My mission is for you to start using email marketing straight away.

To help motivate you to take action and send an email campaign before you forget what you have learned, I have a special offer for everyone I train.

Included in the training price is all the technical support you need to send your first campaign, but there is a catch (designed to help you). You only have 48 hours after the webinar to get unlimited free support for your email campaign. You can email me or call me with any questions, and I will give you as much help as you need within the 48 hour period.

Why am I doing this? As a former teacher, I know that people learn by doing. You won’t know what questions or difficulties you will have until you try it for yourself.

My mission is to make sure you learn how to send an email campaign. It doesn’t matter how good you are with computers. I can teach you.

Booking information

You will receive the email before the event with login details for the online training session.

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If you would prefer to start by paying for just one newsletter before subscribing, click here to make a one-off payment

“I signed up for Maggie’s webinar at the weekend and I’m so glad I did! Email marketing is something I know a little bit about, but not enough to set up my own campaign and get the word out there for my own business. Maggie is a born teacher and the webinar was informative, useful and very practical. Stuff I can take away immediately and implement – thank you Maggie. I also know that if I get stuck, I can call on Maggie’s services to help me out. All in all, great value and I would have paid double for this information.” 

Cathy Richardson