Marketing automation can be daunting for small businesses.

We can help you make sense of whether marketing automation makes sense for your business.

Hint – if you don’t already have clear business and sales processes in place, it may be too early for you to jump into an expensive marketing automation product. We can help you build up to marketing automation.

If you already have a healthy amount of traffic to your website, chances are marketing automation can help you convert more website visitors to customers.

Fill out our Contact Us form and ask to schedule a call with Maggie. She’ll give you a free informal chat to evaluate if marketing automation is a good fit for your business. If you’re not quite ready, she can recommend other activities that should take place to lead up to marketing automation. If you are ready, after learning more about your business, she can provide you with a bespoke quote and even recommend the best tools to use to fit your budget and achieve the outcomes you most want.

The best part is that all future work is still charged at our standard rate of £25/$40 per hour. Setting up marketing automation systems takes time and is an ongoing investment. Our prices are fair to ensure you’re not just blowing your marketing budget on our services and software costs. We want to give you the best chance possible to get a super return on investment.

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Marketing Automation Case Study

“You are quite a gift to budding (especially spiritually-inclined) entrepreneurs like me!” – VH, California

The Marketing Automation Brief:

My client from California was being interviewed for an online conference. She was asked to provide a free product to people who attended the event. She wanted to use affiliate and email marketing to upsell her products.

The Marketing Automation Results

Between the 21 April – 18 May she sold $9558.05 with 123 unique purchases that originated from the campaign.
Her free product was a webinar. I set up a landing page for her with the sign up form. We gave the event organisers and some other contacts of hers, an affiliate (referral) tracking link for the landing page. Even though they weren’t buying anything yet, if they made a purchase later, it would be tracked and the commission would be given because the original lead came from the event.
During her free webinar, she upsold a 7 week course. She gave people the option of buying it for $147 or splitting the cost into two payments of $87. She sold 47 places on her course. Interestingly, we discovered that some of the people who had signed up for the free course purchased her other products instead. We didn’t expect that, but they were welcome additional sales.
We used email marketing and auto-responders to send targeted and relevant emails to deliver information and convert people who accessed freebies into happy paying customers. She also promoted the event to her list and reached out to specific connections and told them about the campaign and gave them an affiliate link.
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