Social Media Packages

Social Networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook and You Tube are all free to use. . .well sort of. Time is money, and if you don’t have time for Social Media Marketing, outsource your Social Media to OfficeHounds. Social Media is a communication tool. We’re expert communicators and Social Media grafters who get the job done. Outsource to us, and we’ll manage your Social Media Marketing, saving you time and helping to raise awareness of your business. Pick from our standard small business social media packages or talk to us for a unique solution tailored for your needs. (Remember, we can help with lead capture pages, improving website conversions and email marketing, too!)

What is social media time?

We think that sending out tweets consistently is the sturdy social sofa frame that your social media marketing strategy should sit on. The Saver package will give you that social sofa frame. Social Time helps to customise that social sofa. With Social Time, we start upholstering your social media with the right fabrics, textures and colours that will be a comfortable fit for your target market. We acknowledge new followers and engage with folk who are kind enough to share your content. We use Social Time to target new followers, adjust the fabric of your content strategy and measure what techniques are getting people to come and relax into your brand. Each time we get a @mention, a like or a social share, we’ve enticed someone to sit on your metaphorical social sofa. They might not relax into your brand enough to buy right away, but the more we get them sitting on your social sofa, the more likely they are to relax into a sale. We always evaluate whether we’re attracting the right type of people and use this time to continually make your social profiles attractive to your target market. Our approach to Social Media Management is a bit different to other companies. If we spot an opportunity that we think you are missing that is more likely to convert to new leads, we’ll tell you. In some cases, we’ve had clients who had never sent email newsletters to their large customer databases. We knew emailing their customers first would convert faster than Social Media, so we set them up a branded template and helped them to send a monthly email before we started working on Social Media. You bet your bottom dollar that they were pleased to see such a quick ROI for choosing OfficeHounds. One company asked us to help improve their Linkedin presence. Our research into the market helped our client clarify who they needed to target. We started connecting with this target market on Linkedin but recommended we do some cold calls to a list that resulted in us getting nearly every person we spoke to to agree to join their email mailing list. We’re flexible and adaptable in our approach and always on the look out for quick wins to balance the longer relationship building approach of social media marketing. Marketing Agencies and Larger Organisations We have clients on our books with specific and more complex needs.  Our 3 social media packages are tailored at what many micro and small businesses need. We try to keep the prices reasonable, because Social is about building relationships and online omnipresence, not quick sales. Marketing Agencies love that they can set the strategy and trust us to deliver it to a high standard for their clients. Larger organisations benefit from our knowledge and expertise at a fraction of the cost of marketing agencies. We can either take the work off your hands or support your team to develop the skills to keep the work in house.

How much does it cost to outsource Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is not the silver bullet marketing magic that some folk would have you believe, but it will drive traffic to your website. It will raise your company profile. It can be a great way to warm up leads. Like with any kind of marketing, to really get results, you need to know your target market. Be warned, there are some rogue ‘Social Media Experts’ out there charging a fortune for ‘expertise’ and training which is overpriced and leaves you no chance of making your money back. There are also some companies that make wild claims about increasing your connections. Be cautious of anyone offering large increases of likes or followers. If they don’t build relationships with the right people, you’ll get a lousy Social Media ROI. The rogues who claim to be able to get you large numbers of followers could even get your accounts suspended. Ouch!  We have an outsourced Social Media package to suit any budget. Whatever Social Media package you choose, we will always treat your Social Media account as we would treat our own. If you want thousands of followers who aren’t interested in your business, you should find a different Social Media Marketing company. If you want to consistently build your online presence over time, contact us.

(We’ve turned work down advising startups they should do it themselves until they start generating income. We’ve listened to customers wanting increased sales and recommended we start an email marketing campaign to increase repeat business before investing in social marketing. We care about being the right fit and providing the right solution for all of our customers, even if that means we don’t work together.) 

Ready to get started?

We need to have a chat with you. We want to ensure you have realistic expectations from your Social Media campaign. We also need to agree how we will define the success of your campaign. Is the aim to get increased traffic to your website, growing your followers, warming up a small number of targeted leads with engagement or a combination of these or something completely different?

Social Media Packages

  • Copywriting and schedule Tweets, Facebook posts and Linkedin updates
  • Daily Social Media management
  • Prepare Social Media Strategy
  • Support with Social Media networks like YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest and more…
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook apps
  • Facebook competitions
  • Facebook newsletter signup form (Mailchimp, Aweber or other)
  • Finding and sharing industry specific content with your Social Network
  • Creating new content to share with your Social Network, e.g. custom images for Facebook
  • Sharing your blog content 

Addon – Twitter Acknowledgement Package £200 per month

What you get:

  • All new followers get followed back (unless they’re clearly spammers).
  • Each new follower gets an acknowledgement tweet.
  • Each person who retweets your content gets a thank you.

Why it matters: We’ve been at this social media stuff for a long time. We know what works. If you want more clicks to your website, you need more followers. If you want more followers, you need to consistently follow a process of following people back and just generally being a polite and friendly Twitter user. Our Twitter Acknowledgement package gets the job done. Click the animation to open the full version (via PennyStocksLab).