Webcast - support and training to market your message online


Want help running a webcast?

Webcast, webinar, online conference, online meeting, teleseminar, however you want to describe it, OfficeHounds can help.

Are you excited about the possibility of sharing your expertise with a larger audience, but terrified of the technology? You’re not alone. We’ve supported some highly competent people to run spectacular online events. Even with all of their experience, they still want that technical back up. Someone to teach them how to use the webcast software. Someone to attend the webcast live and provide technical support in case anything goes wrong.

Online events or webcasts can be an excellent additional revenue stream, but it’s important that you keep your webcast attendees happy. If you would like help choosing your webcast software, support using it and technical support during your live event, contact OfficeHounds.

We have used many different webcast tools and can help talk you through the choices and find the one that has the features and price that’s perfect for you.

Contact Maggie on +44 (0)207 183 5966 for more details about our webcast support packages.