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Having a website that helps your business doesn't need to cost the earth.

WordPress website design

WordPress is used and loved by brands big and small. You may have heard of it. You may not have. We like to build sites on WordPress because we can teach you to make changes to the site yourself.

Reasonable pricing is important to us. We don’t do anything silly like charge you a price per page or limit the number of pages you can have. Most people who come to us wanting a website pay way less than other design agencies charge for the same quality of website, and we turn them around much more quickly than a lot of web design agencies. (We finished 3 websites and a mobile app in the time it took one of our customers to wait for her web designer to put her site live. She also paid 3 times as much. Ouch.)  If, and only if, your project has an unusual requirement like needing 100s of pages, we’ll quote you a higher price to represent the time it takes to set up all of that glorious content. If you need to be able to be able to sell products from your site, we’ll need to charge extra for the time it takes to setup an e-commerce site. After all, when it comes to making sales on your website, you want to make sure everything has been tested and is working beautifully. Membership sites and affiliate programmes also count as ‘extras’.

If you just want a good looking website with the aim of converting visitors to leads and leads to sales our $750 package is for you.

The things you should do that web designers want to shusssssh.

What most web designers are afraid to tell you is that putting the website live is just the beginning. If you care about having your website visitors convert into new customers, your website will need to change over time as your business progresses.

  • You should think about how you will get website visitors to your site.
  • You should monitor how many website visitors you get each month and what actions they take on your website. (This can give you clues to things you need to improve. e.g. if you have lots of visitors exit on a specific page of your website, maybe there’s a problem with that page that needs fixing.)
  • You should think about content marketing to help your website get found by Google. That means writing blog posts or adding new pages that are useful for your target audience to your website.
  • You should be driving more website visitors to your website on social media.
  • You should consider advertising on Google to get more website visitors who are ready to buy.
  • You should use your website to build an email list and then use email marketing to remind people to visit your website and buy your products/services.
  • You should consider integrating your website into a marketing automation / email marketing system to make the most of the leads you capture.

I hope I haven’t take the wind out of your sales. I’ve seen far too many people blow their whole marketing budget on an overpriced, underwhelming website. The feel stuck and can’t figure out why their website isn’t ‘working’ for their business. They thought they did the right thing by hiring an expensive web designer, but they charge eye watering prices just to make a minor change. That wouldn’t be such a hardship if the website converted. Paying too much for a website is a danger trap to get caught in. If you ignore my advice and think you know best and get wowed by a smooth-talking expensive designer, please just follow this one important tip:


Purchase your business domain yourself.

Never let your web designer have control of your business domain. (e.g. our domain is I have heard the saddest tales of charities, I kid you not, charities being held to ransom by their web designers because the web designer bought the the charity’s domain name and had it registered to their business name. If you have an argument with your web designer or decide you want to change to a new web designer, you are giving them way too much control over your business. I have heard of web designers behaving in such nasty ways when people say they want to hire a new web designer. They often charge you excessive admin fees to move the domain into your control, or some use delay tactics and just generally are rude and will stress you out. Avoid this by purchasing your own domain. It’s ok if you want them to host your website, but you own the domain. It’s ok for you to give your web designer logins to access the account where you bought the domain name. They’ll need to do some techy stuff to connect your domain to the website.


Get going with your website. Why wait? 

Depending on our current workload, we can sometimes get you a draft website to view in 2 weeks! Before starting on the website, you’ll have a call with Maggie who will ask you questions about your business. She’ll do her best to understand your business and your customers. She’ll see if you have any likes / dislikes when it comes to design and try to get a feel for the personality of your business. It’s important to us that your website feels like a good fit, a representative of you.

Putting together a portfolio of the awesome websites we’ve created is on the to do list, but we have a couple samples for you to view below. Also, just wanted to let you know that one of our websites got 94 new leads in the first month! We set up a free Mailchimp email account and connected it to their website, so visitors could signup to get a free download when they give their contact details. We got them off to a great start.

Here’s a few websites we’ve designed

I Am the Referee

Women Who Count

Lavender Motors

Cobra Telecom

The Dock Hub

Total Bookkeeping Services 


Website Development – $40 per hour


We have some super talented hand picked web developers as part of our team.  We’ve built WordPress websites, bespoke websites, membership and e-commerce websites. We can help with all sorts of website updates and development, and if it’s beyond our skill level, we’ll tell you. If the development work requires some extra expertise, our hourly rate will be higher. Let us know what you need.


Website Updates $40 per hour

It’s important that you keep your website updated with current content. It might be that you want to add a weekly blog, add page to describe a new service or add new testimonials to your website. Even if you do know how to do update your website yourself, it may not be the best use of your time. Outsource it to OfficeHounds and focus on getting more done.