I click on blog posts shared via Social Media for two reasons:

1. Interest in the topic

2. Curiosity

When interest causes me to click, I am happy to read a long detailed blog. When I click out of curiosity, my attention span is much shorter.

Are you a Social Hunter or Gatherer?


When I look for content that matches my interests, I am a hunter. I track down the information I need.

When I check my Social Media feeds for interesting content to enjoy and share, I’m a gatherer. I observe the Social landscape and pick from the variety of tasty info growing around me.

I suspect that your reading habits are similar.

2 Simple Blog Copywriting Tips

1. Decide whether you are writing for a ‘hunter’ or a ‘gatherer’.

2. Tailor the length of your blog to match the audience you have in mind. If you’re writing for hunters, include those glorious details. If you’re writing for gatherers, be concise.

Bonus Tip

If you write a longer post for hunters, write a more shorter post for gatherers. Include a link to your hunter post.

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