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Solve your social media content creation problems for good.

  • Schedule social content fast
  • Never run out of content
  • Create designs like a pro
  • Use branded design templates
  • Social team on standby


Create once.

Schedule once.

5 times faster than many other social media schedulers. 

Schedule to 6 different social media accounts for 1 price.

THE system our team of marketing pros use to speed up social media marketing.

Save time. Avoid stress. Post consistently. Start using our affordable social media dashboard.

What you can do with us that you can’t do with other social schedulers

If you get too busy…

😇we offer a done-for-your service.

For an affordable price, our team can jump in and create your content when your business gets too busy for you to do it yourself.

We’re not a software company.

We’re a social media agency.

We’re giving you access to the scheduler we use to publish thousands of posts every year.

Plus, if you need our help, give us 5 business days. We’ll have 1 month of content ready for you. We’ll even schedule it for you! Done.

Some extra perks that you can’t get with most other schedulers

  • Schedule Instagram reels
  • Publish carousels on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Schedule videos and gifs
  • Customize your caption, hashtags or design for each platform.

Seriously, you can prepare one post and customize it for each platform until you’re happy.
For example, you can replace the link for Insta with Link in bio, change the size of the Pinterest image, tag a follower on Twitter, use different hashtags on LinkedIn, and add a call to action button on Google.

Or keep it simple and speedy and schedule the same post to all platforms. 

📢 Small Business Owners

You’ve come to the right place if you want to make social easier and faster.

Your business deserves to have your full attention.

Our dashboard guides you to design like a Pro.

Upload your logo to use on designs again and again.

Save your brand colors and brand fonts.

No design experience needed.

Measure your social successes. Learn from failures.

Track follower growth over time.

Learn what content works and what doesn’t from social reports.

Discover the best times to post.

My social process has improved SO much since using your dashboard.

Before I had a loose process, but using the scheduling template and the dashboard together has streamlined everything for me. Now I have everything in one place, and I have a longer term plan and vision for my social.

It’s actually starting to feel easy!

Jane Pilger

Binge Breakthrough Podcast Host , Jane Pilger Coaching

Never run out of content

  • Repeat posts.
  • Duplicate old posts that performed well and republish or edit them.
  • Make use of our library of ready-to-publish posts & event calendar to keep that content schedule going!


Create content fast

  • Save post templates with your favorite designs and hashtags pre-loaded.
  • Use the graphics editor to Copy and paste your desired text to your design template. Adjust the caption and schedule.
  • Repost your best-performing content with ease.

Schedule like a Pro

  • Use data to post at the perfect time for your social connections.
  • Autopost schedule – Turn it on and add posts to your content queue.
  • Custom timeslots make your schedule exactly how you want it.


Why OfficeHounds social media dashboard is the best choice to schedule your social media

We’ve been helping small businesses with social media since 2009, so we’ve learned a lot about how typical small business owners approach social media marketing.

The number one frustration we hear from busy business owners like you is that social takes too long for too few results.


You’re struggling because all of your marketing time is eaten up by planning, creating, and scheduling…or even worse, posting content from your phone.

⚠️You should never post from your phone.

The only exceptions are when you’re publishing a TikTok video, an Instagram Story, or any time you need features only available in the mobile app.

The other time use your phone is when you’re posting an impromptu photo or video.

Posting from your phone is the most inefficient way to post.

You are more likely to get distracted.

There is a more time-efficient way to get your social media scheduled.

Boost your Facebook posts.

Buy ads without confusion.

You’ll get our Free Facebook DIY ad guide.

Did you know…lots of agencies charge a 10% – 20% fee of your total ad spend to run your ads?

Many marketing agencies charge a minimum ad spend that’s way too expensive for small businesses.

If you just need to get more eyes on your Facebook content, you can do it yourself with our dashboard.

Reputation Management

  • Reply to reviews on Facebook and Google right from the dashboard.
  • Save time with reply templates for Google and Facebook reviews.
  • Manage your social in record time with our social inbox. Save reply templates for Instagram DMs.

To have a good reputation on social media, you need to be…well, social. That means replying to people who send you direct messages and reviews. Reply to Facebook and Instagram right from the dashboard with reply templates.

Having doubts about paying when social media is supposed to be free?

Social Media was designed to be distracting.

Don’t let it distract you from running your business.

How much is your time worth? Our time-saving tool costs only $35 per month. Most business owners will save hours.

We want you to be able to concentrate on doing what you should be doing.  Making money and building your business.

Some software companies charge more just for access to a reputation management tool alone.

We’re considerably cheaper than any other competitor.

Smart ideas to make the most of the repeat post feature

  • Schedule your blogs to go out every 90 days.
  • Repeat an event promotion every Tuesday and Thursday to drive more registrations.
  • Create and repeat 3 months of content. If you have time to create new content, just reschedule the repeats. Never run out of social content again!

Batch your social media content.

If you want to start seeing real results, you need to speed up your content creation. This gives you more time to actually be…social. Being social is all about building relationships. Brace yourselves…you may not like to hear this, but to get profitable results, you need to start thinking of being social as a business development / sales activity. It matters.

Being social is different than creating and scheduling social media content.

Creating and scheduling content is only part of what you need to be doing. If you start building relationships online with your customers, business connections, and prospects in your target market, guess what…they will care more about your content.

You care about others. They care about you.

That’s being social.

It’s so simple that even a 5 year old can understand it. Be nice. As busy business owners, it’s easy to focus on our needs. We need more leads. We need more sales for our business. We want others to care about our content without us having to care about others. That thinking just isn’t the best way to get ahead of your competitors

Our dashboard is going to speed up your content creation, and it will even make it easier for you to keep on top of replying to comments and reviews! At last, you’ll be getting on top of your marketing to help grow your business.

It all starts right now. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Not next quarter. Your business deserves to be discovered on social media.

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