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Social Media for Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Drug Rehab Centers love working with us because we have something special that sets us apart from the competition. Our Co-Founder Chris Langley, managed a Drug service program in England. He also trained the Metropolitan and Kent Police in drug awareness. Let’s face it, most marketing agencies just don’t have that first-hand experience of working with individuals going through their own personal battle with drug addiction. The social media marketing we will create will always be sensitive and appropriate to your needs. We understand that what you do is more than a business, it’s a mission to transform lives.

Social Media for Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

We currently manage social media for 43 locations. We can take care of social media marketing for your Assisted Living or Nursing Home, so your team can focus on what they need to be doing instead of spending time on Facebook.

Our white label social media resellers include:

  • Marketing Agencies who want to add social media marketing without doing the work
  • SEO Agencies
  • Website Designers
  • PR Agencies and individual professionals

Size of businesses who resell our social media services

Our social media resellers range from global marketing agencies with big teams to one-man or one-woman marketing powerhouses who specialize in SEO or Website Design but want to increase their monthly recurring revenue by offering social media marketing to their clients. Whatever the size, the great customer service for you and your clients stays the same. Our customers resellers love working with us because we make delivery effortless with our great processes.

Are you a marketing agency owner looking to grow your profits by reselling our affordable White Label Social Media packages?
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