Retail Marketing

Retail Marketing can make a huge difference to small retailers. Small retail shops can’t compete with the online presence of Amazon or Wal-Mart, but improving online retail marketing activities can position them ahead of local competitors.

Retail Marketing – the ONE thing every small retailer should do

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Many retailers have set up a Facebook page for their shops. We see so many small business Facebook pages with inconsistent posts. Are you guilty of getting motivated and posting a flurry of photos of products and posts about your retail store only to fizzle and stop posting for weeks, months or even a year or more?

The one thing you can do to improve your retail marketing is to commit to posting one post each and every day across all of your business social media accounts.

People who have been to your shop might look up your Facebook page to find your opening times or address. You don’t want them to see that you haven’t posted on your Facebook page in 6 months. Your online retail marketing needs to be consistent to give customers confidence in your business.

If you’re like nearly 99% of USA retailers and have less than 50 employees, you might not have the luxury of a full time marketing department. (Source National Resource Federation – Small Business section) Many small retailers find it difficult to keep up with how quickly technology and online marketing changes. Although marketers’ tactics on social media might change over time, the use of social media has remained a constant. You need to be where your customers are, and they are spending their time using social media. Make this year be the year that you commit to improving your social media marketing.

Take action to improve your retail marketing

You took the time to read this article, so you want to improve your retail marketing. It’s time to take action.

Action Option 1 – Add ‘create daily online retail marketing post’ to your to do list

Action Option 2 – Get OfficeHounds to manage your daily social media posts for you. (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business all included). Request a Kick-Off Call now. We’ll get you started in no time.

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