Start your new Social Media networking routine to build meaningful relationships. After meeting any new business content in person, when you return to the office search to see whether they have a Linkedin account and send them an invitation to connect.

Search to see if they have accounts on any of the either Social Media platforms you use – check  Facebook, Twitter, G+, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.

When you meet a new business contact in person at a networking event, get in the habit of searching to see if they have a Linkedin account (you can check for Twitter & Facebook, too) and invite them to connect. Do not allow your Social Media efforts to remain purely online.

In this scenario, you use Social Media to build on an in person meeting.

Try reversing your Social Media Networking Routine.

When you have been tweeting or chatting with someone in a LinkedIn group for awhile that you’ve never met, find their phone number on their website and give them a call. If they are local to you, offer to take them out for a coffee. If they aren’t local to you, call to ask what types of leads they are looking for so you can try to help them.

All of these communications are best recorded in a Customer Relationship Management system. Unless you’re a genius, don’t rely on your memory. Keep records. Make dated notes, so you have a record of meetings and conversations.