Q. What makes our white label social media different from our competitors?

A. Quality, Price & Communication.

Unlike other resellers that provide White Label Social Media Services, we believe that we offer better quality content at a much better price to all of our resellers! Check out why your agency should consider using our White Label Social Media Service for your customers!

#1 No setup or monthly ‘membership’ fees.

We have heard of horror stories of white label agencies charging re-sellers a monthly fee of upwards of $100 a month just so they can sell to their own clients! This to us is simply wrong. We value every one of our partnerships and know that it’s a big deal that you are trusting us to do work for your customers. We are here to serve you and your clients and build a mutually beneficial financial partnership.

What’s the difference between Officehounds and other White Label Social Media Agencies?

When you start working with Officehounds, we don’t ask for anything upfront at all. From the time you contact us to let us know you have a customer for us, we will have their content ready to be checked within 5 full working days. We then give you and your customer 5 full working days to check over the content for any changes before we start scheduling the posts.

#2 Other agencies charge for each social platform used.

We know that finding a company which claims to do your social media marketing for $99 may sound quite exciting, but let’s look at this in a bit more detail. Yes they can schedule posts for $99, but for only ONE or TWO PLATFORMS! Say you want Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to be scheduled from one of our competitors? This very well may end up costing you a lot more than the initial $99 advertised as many agencies charge an individual price per platform. Your initial $99 will soon be way above the $200-$300+ a month mark. Don’t go there!!!

Social Media Reseller Opportunity - Agency Secret

What’s the difference between Officehounds and other Agencies?

We don’t charge our resellers any more than what we advertise! No hidden costs!

No setup or monthly membership fees, no contracts, no hassle!

If your client wants to have all platforms scheduled to, we can do all of that for the same price. What you see below are our fees, and nothing else.

Check out our Social Media packages here!

Remember, as a reseller, you can charge your customers whatever you like!

#3 The quality just isn’t up to a good enough standard with your current supplier.

Bad-quality posts with no images, hashtags or relevant messages…Yikes!

What’s the difference between Officehounds and other Social Media Agencies?
With all of our posts, we don’t just grab a stock photo and cobble together an uninspiring caption. (Sadly, we see this often with our competitors). We have solid procedures in place to quality assure all of our work. We have a talented team of who give all of our customers a quality service from how all of our posts are written to the individual images we design for each post. We also give your customers the opportunity to check the posts 7 days prior to the posts going out. You simply won’t get this level of service for the same price from many (if not any) social media suppliers.

We have the right sized images for, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google My Business , Twitter & Instagram!

Social Media Reseller Instagram Image Size

#4 Communication

Many other agencies don’t have a person to speak to directly and your emails get lost in the void.

What’s the difference between Officehounds and other Social Media Agencies?
You always are able to access Maggie or Chris from OfficeHounds directly. If you want any changes, or you wish to speak to us, we are only a phone call away. No voicemail messages that don’t get answered or emails that get no replies. Here at OfficeHounds, we pride ourselves on offering our resellers the confidence to grow your business through us and with the knowledge that you will be dealing with the business owners, and not a team member who knows absolutely nothing about your business.

Being a reseller with Officehounds is a genuinely good opportunity for your agency to upsell all of your existing clients to our social media service. We have re-sellers that offer their clients our white label service to upsell with one of their own packages, and as a good ad on to offer their clients which doesn’t cost a huge amount of money for the value it brings to their online marketing.

Who is a good fit to be a reseller partner with Officehounds?

There are many agencies & businesses which we can offer to be reseller partners for us. These include agencies who offer their clients:

SEO Agencies
Web Design Agencies
Online Reputation Service
Social Media Ad Agencies
Lead Generation Companies
Video Marketing Companies
Tech Companies
Listing Management
Web & email Hosting
And More!

The best thing about our service is that you can charge your clients any price you like! We only charge you the listed price and nothing more…even if your client has 12 social platforms or locations! The only companies we cannot do this for are different franchise locations for the same monthly cost, but we can still do individual locations for a fantastic price! Tell us about your customer and we will see what we can do!
Try getting all of this from another agency for the same price and quality…???

We help marketing businesses grow their profits by reselling our White Label Social Media Packages!

#5 Other agencies simply can’t hold onto their customers

When agencies have given their clients to a white label agency the main concern is what profit they can make and for what the longevity of a client can be. It’s not an uncommon thing for a client to cancel after month 2 if they are not happy with the quality of the work promised. Why would they stay?

What’s the difference between Officehounds and other Social Media Agencies?
Our client retention rates are exceptionally good. The only reason for this is that we offer a quality service and a great opportunity for agencies to profit from our white label social media for doing very little. We still have quite a few clients based in the U.K who have stayed with us for many years. We moved from the U.K to Iowa, U.S.A in 2015, and many of our U.K customers have remained with us for two reasons – Quality & Price.

No setup fee or cost to you, means no risk!

If you’re still unsure about using our services, you should know that we have been doing social media since Officehounds started way back in 2009 when we were based in the U.K! How many other agencies have truly been doing this for over a decade??? We have many happy customers that we have done some pretty exciting work for, from small startup businesses, Marketing & HR Agencies, Realtors and property management companies, Retail & Fashion businesses, a Crowdfunding Platform, an International Rugby Tournament and even a professional boxing referee! Our client list is nearly endless!

If you’re thinking of becoming a reseller for our social media service, why not pick up the phone right now, and call us on 712-385-8652 to find out more? We are open from 9am-5pm (Central time), Monday to Friday to answer any of your questions.

We look forward to helping your agencies profits grow
through our partnership!