Truly successful people don’t make excuses. You may find my advice hard to swallow.

Stop resisting, complaining and blaming. Man up and swallow your excuses.

Why do people find excuses hard to swallow?

When things go wrong, it’s easier to make an excuse than take responsibility.

  • We might resist the situation.
    “It’s not my fault. I would have arrived on time, but I got caught up in traffic.”

Resisting the situation or circumstances shows a lack of commitment or imagination. When you are committed to arriving on time, you leave early. If being late was unavoidable, use your imagination and offer something extra to the person you kept waiting.

  • We might complain to ourselves or others.
    “It’s not my fault. I did start the project, but it was too complicated to get done by the deadline.”

Complaining infects everything it touches with negativity. The positive people you work with have a strong immunity to complaining but will feel annoyed. Hearing your complaints and excuses will strengthen negativity already present in natural complainers.

Dislike never excuses poor execution.

  • We might blame others.
    “It’s not my fault. The customer clearly didn’t know what she wanted.”

Blaming colleagues is bad. Blaming your customers is sinful. If the customer made a mistake, never make him feel at fault. Maybe it’s your fault for not communicating clearly. Do not make your paying customers dislike you. Nobody likes to be blamed.

How to swallow your excuses and gain respect

Making excuses is easy. Start noticing when you make excuses. Do you make excuses to yourself, your boss, your customers, your family? Do you resist, complain or blame?

If you catch an excuse before it flies out your mouth swallow it down. Excuses can be hard to swallow when you’re determined to prove it wasn’t your fault. You don’t always need to prove you are right.

When you swallow your excuses, you gain respect. When you resist, complain and blame, people will resist you. When you accept the situation without finding fault, people will accept you.

Not making excuses embodies the British ‘stiff upper lip’. Next time you make a mistake, put your shoulders back and swallow that excuse for Queen and country.

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