Please note this article is now out-of-date. 
For me Social Media is a time efficient way for me to communicate and meet new contacts without having to spend tons of time away from my office. I can have conversations with lots of different people from all over the UK or even the World. I choose who I want to interact and engage with.
Although face to face networking is useful, it’s not socially acceptable to walk away from someone when they’re talking, no matter how boring they may be. If I get bored of someone on Twitter, I can stop following them. Simple!
Now, please don’t groan if you’re a newbie to Social Media – my next comment is about Twitter tools.
One of my gripes with using Hootsuite to schedule my Tweets is that you have to schedule each tweet individually. Although, I love Hootsuite, I found the scheduling feature a little tedious.
I tweeted about my frustration and within seconds, one of my Twitter buddies, Helen Stothard @HLSBS, suggested I use Twaitter. The scheduling functionality allows me to make some tweets recurring which is much quicker than scheduling each tweet individually. http://www.twaitter.com
Another great tool was recommended to me by @MickSay is MarketMeTweet.  I am considering upgrading to this paid tool, because it allows you to brand every tweet you send with a link to your website (instead of the Hootsuite, Social Oomph, etc
The beauty of Twitter – Ask and Ye Shall Receive. From my experience, there’s always someone hanging about who can help.
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