With Twitter, I suggest that you create a list of categories of the type of people you would like to connect with.

Sample Categories

  • potential collaborators – people to RT
  • target market
  • suppliers
  • UK business people
  • Worldwide business people
  • customers
  • my personal interests

Create your lists in Twitter, as you search for and find new people in those categories, add them to your lists. Set aside some time to go through the people you are already following and add each person to a list.

Business benefits of organising your contacts in to Twitter lists

As you start to follow more people, your Twitter stream will start moving fast, and it becomes easy to get distracted by the randomness of the Twitterverse. Lists allow you to stay focussed on your Social Media Marketing goals. If you have all of your Target Market together in a list, you can plan to RT a set number of tweets from your target market each day. It’s easy, because you just view the list, and take focussed action. No distractions, just focussed marketing.

Imagine that you are about to phone one of your customers who you know is on Twitter, quickly check out your customer list to see what they’ve been Tweeting about before you give them a ring or interact with them on Twitter just about the time your invoice is due for payment or before you have a meeting scheduled. Twitter conversations can help your customers to feel they know you better, making them more loyal customers.

Now, imagine it’s Saturday. You’ve had a long week, and you’re only interested in checking out what’s happening in sport. Simply check out your ‘My Personal Interest’ list.

Lists help you to stay focussed when you need to. Part of the fun of Twitter is the random stream of interesting stuff that passes before our eyes. There’s a time to enjoy it as it was intended in all it’s random glory. That time is not when you are supposed to be focussed on growing your business.

To focus on growing your business using Social Media Marketing, work on growing and interacting with your Twitter ‘target market’ list. Focus will help you to get results in Social Media Marketing.

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