So, why do Social Media users engage with businesses? Well, Brian Solis writes in a blog on the Harvard Business Review that Social Media users engage with busiensses for two reasons.

1. Receive discounts (61%)
2. Make purchases (55%)*

When consumers say they go online to ‘Make Purchases’ it is the business person’s job to entice them to buy. Businesses entice people to make purchases by communicating information about their products and giving general information to ensure their brand doesn’t get forgotten by all of the other information whizzing past in consumers’ Social Media streams.

I think this survey just shows that businesses and consumers use different language to describe the same thing. Of course, it’s quite right that people will shut off from marketing when they are no longer interested in buying.

If a customer only liked a page to get a discount and never wants to pay full price for something, they aren’t your ideal kind of customer. They were just interested in the special offer. Using Special Offers will always hook people in, but your products or services and marketing message has to make them believe you’re worth paying full price and deserving of their loyalty.

The other thing to remember is that consumers make decisions fast. You may hook them to get a like with a Special Offer, but that’s no different than the freebie for an email sign-up. People unsubscribe from email lists because they get too many emails. In that sweet period before they unsubscribe, if they have learned about your products and services and your brand was memorable and likeable, they may still buy from you when the need arrives. Social Media is similar. Social Media is simply a communication tool. The goal of your Social Media communications is to make your fans remember you and understand what you offer. If you know your target customer well, your messages will be of interest to them and lead them to buy. Those who don’t like that content will probably drop off, but that’s ok.

*Please read the article by Brian Solis. Social Media’s Impending Flood of Customer Unlikes