Check out our guide to the four stages of using social media to market your small business.

Find out just how good you really are at social media marketing and see what behaviors you need to change to get to the next stage of social success.

Puppy Stage Social

  • You’re unsure that you’re doing social media right. You have bursts of energy and publish some posts you feel good about. Like a puppy who falls asleep midplay, you stop posting completely and then restart.
  • When you’re using social media to market your business, you get distracted.
  • You feel good about some of your posts. You also fear publishing posts that will leave a mess all over your business socials for everyone to see. In short, you worry that some of your content stinks.
  • You may be past feeling you’re making a mess of your socials, but still feel that you have a lot to learn. All puppies can learn some pretty good tricks but still have accidents! If you aren’t posting 3 times a week, you’re still a social media puppy.

Untrained Social

  • You’ve been using social media for a while. You post 3 times a week or more. 
  • You may feel it takes you too long to create your content. You’re unconfident creating designs. You envy how good other business pages look and spend too much time ‘researching’ on social.  
  • When you create designs, you use whatever font or color looks good. You don’t know what the html colors are for your brand.
  • Maybe you’ve used the Meta business suite to schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram. You may have set up your Instagram posts to share to Facebook automatically. You have never scheduled one post to go out to all of your socials, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Business. 

Trained Social

  • You post 3 times a week or more and consistently reply to comments and monitor your engagement. You know what to do and have a pretty good social media habit with content you’re proud of.
  • You create branded designs but wish that you could speed up your content creation.
  • You’ve learned some good tricks online that help your posts perform better.
  • You know that people like your social tricks because your posts get rewarded with likes, comments, DMs, and clicks.

Show Dog Social

  • You are an influencer who creates content that your audience loves.
  • You have a large number of fans and followers.
  • You don’t put a paw out of place engaging with followers or producing quality content that converts.
  • If your feelings about your socials were a show dog, they’d prance around the competition and win best in show. You know you are an elite performer, and you have the prize of engaged fans who buy from your business to prove it.
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