Wondering, “what do small businesses pay for social media management?” According to Statista, 47% of small businesses spent less than $10,000 on marketing in 2017. That’s only $833 per month. Most social media companies charge a minimum of $500 per month which leaves little leftover in the budget for lead generation, website improvements, or any other marketing activities. There’s a disconnect here where marketing agencies charge too much for social media marketing delivering improvements in brand awareness when most small businesses are hoping their marketing will improve lead generation and increase repeat business.

I’ve been seeing a disturbing trend in the marketing industry. Far too many marketing agencies are rubbing their hands together when they come across customers who are willing to invest a decent monthly budget for their marketing. Businesses put their trust in these marketers ‘supposed’ expertise, but I am seeing some pretty lazy work covered up with confusing reports designed to keep their customers investing in failed strategies. The worst of these companies claim they are experts at using social media for lead generation, but they redefine lead to include people who have expressed even the most minimal amount of interest, like a ‘like.’

The other budget-burning trend is spending huge advertising budgets on Facebook that provide no tangible results for the customer. Anyone can spend a big budget on Facebook ads and produce a report that shows ‘reach’ and ‘impressions’ and maybe even some ‘engagement’ in the form of ‘likes.’ Brand awareness may be fine for a big Corporate brand, but companies who choose to sell to small businesses and peddle these numbers as evidence of a successful campaign are snake oil salesmen. I’ve seen some shameful reports from other marketing agencies that my customers have shared with me. Month after month of spending large ad budgets only that only achieve a wider reach with a low percentage of likes relative to those large number of bought impressions. Similar failing content from a failed strategy being churned out with no improvement to the engagement rate over time. No change in strategy. It seems the only strategy is to earn their fee for managing ads with a minimal amount of effort in creating social content and blasting it with a good-sized ad budget. Customers get intoxicated by impressions in reports. Either these marketing agencies don’t care about their customers, or they have so little business knowledge that they actually believe that they are providing value. There are reputable and skilled marketers who set up high-converting and high-value campaigns, but I’m seeing too many small businesses having their lack of digital knowledge exploited by shady marketers.

What should the going rate be for social media for small business?

At OfficeHounds Small Business HELPaholics, we think the first step for small businesses improving their online presence is making sure their social media accounts don’t look like ghost towns. Most small businesses will waste too much time trying to do it themselves. We talk to lots of small business owners who admit that when they or the employee responsible login to update their business accounts, they get distracted with personal interests and waste time. Our philosophy is that small businesses should be able to afford paying a marketing company to provide daily content with images across all their platforms with marketing budget leftover to invest in other essential marketing and lead generation activities. The monthly price should be affordable enough for a small business to continue investing in their social media marketing for the long term. Too many small businesses are having bad experiences with marketing agencies, and they deserve better. So, back to our question…

What do small businesses pay for social media management?

Lots of social media companies charge you more for each social platform you add. Many have setup fees, charge extra for creating and sharing image posts and are so lazy, they don’t even offer a daily post for a fair price.

As Small Business HELPaholics, we’ve been listening to the challenges small business owners face with marketing and designed our pricing to fit their needs, not ours. That’s why we offer one low price on all your social platforms. No gotchas. Our biggest competitor claims to provide social media for small businesses for $99 per month, but when you look at the small print, you discover you have to pay extra to get what you need.

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